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These spaces speak to my soul with their blend of freedom, nature and light...Combining earth's elements 'into' our homes ignites the creative spirit. I think we crave for this more than we know...Nature frees us to be our most expressive and authentic selves.
Brilliant framing! Don't shy away from framing and displaying inspiration in the least likely of places! where do you spend all of your time? What do you want to see, dream and be inspired by when you're in these places? ....contrast here with the rich dark woods and white! I love it.
Keep in mind these framing suggestions CAN be interchanged with your personal photos! ...be creative, think outside of the box. If what I'm inspiring here is showing you 'art' ...change it up. Your family, your LIFE - is just as inspirational. If not more.

God I am so eclectic in taste. Voila chic vintage! splash of colour against the rich brown...notice the mish-mash of framing on the right. Hello. Everything works. There is NO method to madness for display...if you love it. Rock it.
absolutely LOVE the casual and warm feel of the above framing! Mix of art and personal photos. Notice the randomness of the framing still has an order to it? get out of 'the same the same'....it'll work. Be open....
Perfectly spacious, white AND warm. Again...frames of different sizes and really no rhythm however they look perfect in their non-sense.
Clients are always asking me if something works or makes sense. Does it make sense for YOU. Then it works. Period. We create beauty not by asking and comparing to what IS beautiful to everything and everyone else but by liberating ourselves to find what works for us. Especially if they're family photos or something of a personal nature. There is nothing you can compare it too. Let your heart and intuition guide you to YOUR personal style...
Creating something that's unique to *you*
jodi renée

images by: jean-marc palisse and jarlath mellett

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