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For those of you who REALLY know me. I have a serious book addiction. Serious. Online purchases of 10 books at a time, I sail through books like some people go through magazines. When I was younger, I silently wished the mall would close with me in it so I could stay in the bookstore...and READ! (I am such a nerd)
Reading, cards to Amazon, sending books to family...friends. I thought I'd put this passion of mine to better use by sharing. To YOU.
soooo...of recent! here we go:

The Saint, The Surfer and the CEO (Robin Sharma)
Probably one of my favourite 'go to' reads when I need a pick me up! I love Robin Sharma's work. This fable is a story about love, life and business with so much great insight. It's funny how we all live on auto-pilot and yet the truth to lead a happy, fulfilled life is right there in front of us. Heart living can be uncomfortable, however it's authentic. We all need to step up to the greatness that lives within us all. The world needs you to be *YOU* (I've recommeded this to SO many people ...loved by all! And it's an easy read. I've read this about 4 times....)

Secrets of Six Figure Woman
(Barbara Stanny)
Ladies. Need I say more?

Switch: How to Change when Change is Hard (Chip and Dan Heath)
Currently reading as I type...(well not at the same time!) but I don't want this book to end! Amazing! I had another expectation when reading this book so I was surprised. Chip and Dan really break down the difficulty of 'any' change, whether that be changing our diet, or business model, a community or even ourselves. I can speak from personal experience in the difficulties I find with 'change'. Getting overwhelmed because I often see the big picture. If we can follow the few steps and guidelines in this book ~ I think we can honestly, change anything.

Loving What Is (Byron Katie)
Funny how I came to read this book...and then re-read this book as it was part of of my required reading for my Yoga Training (coming soon!) with Radiantly Alive. This book changed me in so many ways...and still continues to do so. It's a lot to take in if you're not prepared to 'own your life'. The Four Questions that Katie offers us, allows us to take our thoughts and beliefs into 'inquiry'. Often the lives we've lived are a 'story' that we've created. Despite the fact these beliefs no longer serve us, we still hold onto them. By using The Work Katie encourages us to think about our thoughts differently...not an easy process but definitely an 'awakening' one.

Jivamukti Yoga: Practices for Liberating Body and Soul (Sharon Gannon and David Life)
Also a required text for yoga training...Loved this book. Staying true to the traditions of yoga this is a great read for beginners or advanced.

The Four Hour Workweek (Tim Ferriss)
In this book, Tim inspires you that you really CAN do anything you want...while living on your own terms!

The Leader Who Had No Title (Robin Sharma)
Just finished Robin's newest book. Another fable, easy read about leadership and life. We can ALL be leaders and actually all NEED to be leaders in this crazy world of change. Whether you're a janitor, stay at home mom or CEO of your company - the choice to lead is available to everyone. By leading, we create the opportunity for others to lead...everyone then showing up in the world at their absolute greatest. One of my favourite lines from the book..."victims see problems where leaders look for solutions".

Little Bee (Chris Cleave)
An amazing two people can have such an effect on the lives of another. I really don't want to give the story away so just pick it up!

The Heart of Yoga (T. Desikacher)
Yoga transformed my life. And continues to do so. When we slow down and really start to pay attention to ourselves (while a scary process at times!) it opens us up to change and transformation. Awareness allows for possibility. Creating a practice of yoga that is good 'where we are standing' we learn to judge less, love more and move beyond our own limitations.

Forces of Nature (Laird Hamilton)
Shouldn't surprise me that the life of a world renown surfer would be so holistic and down to earth...but it did. I love Laird's attitude and philosophies about life, opening up to his experiences, how he lives, his family and of course...surfing. This is such a great book for anyone looking for inspiration around mind/body and spirit (not to mention some great workouts you can do ANYWHERE!) abs here I come!!!

*The above books have links to my Amazon site! Be sure to purchase your books through me (and keep feeding this addiction I have) ...and yes...I HAVE read all those books!!!

You're the same today as you'll be in five years except for the people you meet and the books you read ~ Charlie Jones

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home + style | simple inspiration

I love magazines for ideas and inspiration. I often rip stuff out that I'm drawn too and stick them in a vision books that I've created for years (this is a really great idea to manifest what you want! and an entirely different blog post to come...)
I *loved* the fresh feel of the May House + monochromatic colour schemes, all white with natural colours, feels and textures pulled in. See how the green of the leaves is brilliant against the white? Great design doesn't take much. Move towards what 'you're drawn to or feel a connection to'...Thus my style behind the lens often mimics the same style of what I love for the home, the way I dress etc. I love simple, fresh...I often lean towards things with texture or the rawness of nature.
This is last years House + Home (the lofts and condo edition), love LOVE the white with the hardwood simple and clean.
And then the two image favourite! Framing ideas. The lost art 'of'. Admittedly I often buy magazines for the framing ideas...there's so much we can do and yet we box ourselves in. Often thinking we can't put too many images up of our selves, our families ...wha?

I'm going to be posting a lot about this over time. Sharing ideas that I'm inspired by, offering suggestions and more importantly showcasing some of the amazing work that some of my clients and I have created.

The first image above is from this months H+H ...simple, clean...looks like it might be an 11x16 with some matting and an all natural wood frame. This gallery style is amazing as a runner down a hallway. Some of my clients wonder about close ups of their kids or family for 'art'. Ahem...some of the greatest works of famous people are close ups! and we buy them?? and they're not even of us.......of someone else? interesting.

The second image was taken from the "Pure + Simple" editorial from the Condos + Lofts edition 2009 ...white, white, white! They've picked a corner of the bedroom and created a four-some. Black and white photos, all white frames, all white matting. Gorgeous!

Both, really easy works to create ...our lives are *beautiful*'s about time we embrace this and create WITH this in mind. Great art is right in front of us.
Connect if you have any questions or feedback about this. I would love to hear about what you've done or ideas you may have!

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love. life + style
jodi renee

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These "green" smoothies are a staple in my diet. Jam packed with anti-oxidants and super nutrients you can put as much or as little as you like! The key here is to use a variety of what Nature has given us. We often overlook the BEST greens in the grocery store just because they're 'foreign' and we have no clue how to use them! Sounds super skeptical when you see what goes into these green glasses of love but honestly, this is an unbelievable way to get super nutrients and greens into your kids (and they'll be begging for more!) 
You need an awesome blender (sorry...the cheap ones won't do...)
1 cup of cold water
1 banana 
2-3 handfuls of greens (baby spinach, KALE, or swiss chard...huh? yes! These are the SUPER greens!) and mixed with the banana and other fruit take the bitterness away!
*one apple cut up OR 1 cup of fruit (I like frozen blueberries but you can really use anything)
I also like to include the following supplements:
1 scoop of Vega Complete Whole Food (I don't eat a lot of protein in the form of Whey or meat so not only does Vega include my RDI of vitamins and nutrients, it's also a vegan alternative to protein! ...Berry flavour works well for smoothies) BIG fan of this product for so many more reasons.
1 tspn of Purica's Recovery Extra Strength
While I encourage getting all your nutrients from WHOLE foods unfortunately our foods aren't as nutrient dense as they once used to be, nor is our digestive system as functional for 'getting' these nutrients! By incorporating the 'right' supplements and perhaps adding these yummy smoothies, we can kick start ourselves (and the kids!) to great health. Enjoy! Contact me if you have any questions about ANY of this! health xo
Greens are loaded with amino acids, minerals, vitamins, fibre and chlorophyll. By NOT cooking foods, we keep them 'alive' thus the enzymes are 'active' and do their work in our bodies by helping in the digestion process. Greens can be tremendously hard to break down unless chewed ...and chewed ...and chewed!!! We still want to EAT these greens but by adding these 'blended green smoothies' nutrients are quickly released as they're broken down in the blending process...and quickly put into action! 

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nat + tobey | Oakville {LIFE} sessions

Ridiculously challenging, but sooooo worth it! Love the dynamic that animals (especially dogs!) bring to a photo-shoot! With their own personality, lack of attention ...(what's more ridiculous I think is probably ME running around with my camera trying to get these frisky critters!) Tobey. AKA Tobelerone. His mamma and I quickly became *AMAZING* friends ...hmmm. Another benefit to this job o'mine. Such amazing people! Natalie's beautiful home and backyard was the perfect backdrop...don't you think? Hellloooo...Home & Style?
Sometimes kids aren't the only loves of our lives...and there is a new addition to their family! (who is probably a bit traumatized over the umm...artwork below). Bartley...don't you worry!
Nat...see you soon! xoxo
Nat did some quick shooting to show off our canvas collections! Really. The photos do these NO justice!
I remember Nat asking me if this was too much for her home? TOO MUCH!? Your home is the best and most beautiful place to EXPRESS you, your life, your *style* my opinion, most of use don't make this PERSONAL enough!

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Love | New York City

Perhaps some urban *love* inspiration! Working on a trip to New York City so we can update your photos Jaime and Patrick!!! Congrats again and can't wait to see you...

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Happy Easter | healthy turkey meatballs

in lieu of an easter turkey...
Healthy Turkey Meatballs!
(this recipe is super easy...and very yummy!)

1 package of ground turkey (I use Lilydale because they keep their turkeys healthy! AND their Canadian!)
1 organic egg
3/4 cup of kamut cereal or flour (I prefer the cereal!) See the link...
a pinch of salt
*and you can really chop up any fresh herbs that you like...I like cilantro or basil...parsley is great too~!
Mix all this stuff together and roll into balls.

In a really big skillet for the stove top I melt
1 tbspn Virgin Coconut Oil (I use this for anything fried or on the stovetop ...I actually use this for all my cooking! the best oil for cooking as the fat molecules do not get rancid!) Chop up some green onions or any onion really with some garlic...brown all this. Then roll in zee balls! Brown them up and keep it on lower so you don't brown them TOO much. I forgot to add that make sure your skillet has a lid...
Pour in a full jar of tomato sauce. I'm not sure of the brand I use but it's organic tomato and basil.
Throw on the lid, making sure it's on low ...
Maybe about 20 minutes? You should know...but still watch the balls! The sauce will want to reduce and you don't want it too thick...
In the photo above I chopped up some asparagus and tossed in while cooking for some extra veg and nutrition.

Serve this up with some yummy whole grain or rice pasta.
I usually use brown rice pasta as I try to steer away from 'wheat' products...

Let me know if you have any questions about this, and/or the ingredients and why I use them.
I'm a bit of a health nut so I'm happy to help!

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Muskoka Memories | wedding

The wedding of BJ and Janet Crombeen was featured in last years Muskoka Magazine (...better late than never!) detailing the couples relationship since they were 16! and Janet planning a wedding around her soon-to-be-husband's NHL schedule (BJ plays for the St. Louis Blues).
From the engagement to the wedding both BJ and Janet were super easy going and fun! I can't stress the importance around 'client/photographer trust' and an amazing relationship. Clients often remark 'how amazing I am'...(blush) however I always come back with, "I can't shoot what isn't already there."
Such an unbelievable day...'let go'...
Nothing is in your control BUT, the feelings and WHY you're getting married. To stress, worry or look forward to 'getting it over with'...defeats the point of a ....celebration.
So embrace and look forward to every moment of your wedding planning. There will be blips and obstacles along the way. Just like life...
How you react however...? will show up in your photos!!!

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