Jacqueline Marie Vincelli

I'm so excited to post these pics of Jacqueline! From her chubby cheeks, to her blue eyes...her perfect round little head...! She's the sweetest, most perfect little baby! Although I'm not a mother it was incredible the emotional impact I felt when capturing the absolute love that Kara (Jackqueline's mother) has for her daugther. (This is why I love my job!) From the soft little kisses, to the way she held her hand...in complete awe and adoration...how could you not love this face! Can't wait to see you again Jacqueline & family! Maybe next time I'll make the trek to Montreal!

Denise and Mike...I do!

This wedding goes a few months back, however I've been so busy with weddings! Creating albums etc. that I haven't had a chance to post as often as I'd like...
Denise and Mike were married in Mexico however I had the great pleasure to photograph their reception in June where all their friends and family gathered! Denise is gorgeous so it was so much fun working with her and so easy! I have so many fabulous photos from this wedding that you'll have to wait till my website is up to see more!


Quite the weekend of shooting! I'll be posting lots of stuff soon, however I couldn't wait to post these bridal shots that I took at the Paletta Mansion in Burlington! My beautiful friend Tennille came up from New York ~ the perfect model for these stunning shots!

sweet tastes of summer!

This could certainly be an ad for corn...or butter! Little Dylan got into some of summer's sweet corn on the weekend...
...and had quite a good time :)


Monica was excited to shoot last night, so it's easy to work with someone with so much enthusiasm! She's sweet AND beautiful, so the shots were easy and came out great. I'll be working with more models from Carolyn's agency: http://www.carolynsonline.com in which Monica is a new model!

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