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Standing in line at the grocery store, my eyes slightly bulge out of their sockets. The conveyor in front of me and the cart behind me, chock full of sugary sweetened drinks, and snacks. Doing a quick scan, nothing healthy in sight. Trying to take a second less obvious scan confirms that yes, we have obese children on the verge of rage or tears. Anxious, and ready to board the sugar train, with a round trip ticket to...diabetes.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. For kids to be healthy and nutritious, parents must be healthy and nutritious. All of your habits, what your kids will, and will not eat, come from YOU. If you're a picky eater, expect the same from little Suzy, if you eat kale and it's abundant in your fridge, so will Adam. The inventory in our kitchen is the foundation for nourished and healthy families, OR...extra large paints and insulin injections.

Sugar is a highly addictive substance people. It has no right in an abundantly unnatural form especially for these little beings and bodies that need you to know what is good for them.

The United States has the highest obesity rate of anywhere else in the world.
I bet Canada sits snugly high up in those rankings.
Ironically the more abundant we are in resources and wealth, the fatter and sicker we become.

I know I know, you don't know what to feed them.
I get it, you don't have time.
Totally, you're so busy.
Of course, she doesn't like anything green.

The problem is, these aren't problems, they're excuses.
And if the health of ourselves and our families isn't THE priority, then I'm not sure what is.
Because without it, the rest won't matter.

These days, life IS busy, yes.
Something is off however if you have to take from the places that are most important.
Kids will test our patience and we can NOT cave for convenience sake.
Busyness cannot equal poor food choices.

Enter, GOOD Bag for Kids.
And a mom raising two boys as an entrepreneur launching this incredible product together with Dr. Natalie Geary, author of the best selling book The Food Cure for Kids, voted one of the Top Doctors in the US by The US News.

GOOD BAG for Kids is a GOOD alternative and makes feeding your kids on the go, healthy, easy and accessible.
- Tammany Atkinson, Founder, COO

All of the products in the bag have been hand selected as THE best products on the market, with every bag including: a protein, healthy carbohydrate, fruit supplement, healthy sweet treat, a probiotic, healthy fat/fish oil, kid's vitamin mix to be added to water, educational information for families, fun surprises and activities for the kids.

I am so honoured to be a part of something that encourages a healthier lifestyle for families and kids.
Even more honoured that I was hand selected (getting the Natalie Geary Seal of Approval!!) as the best and official photographer for GOOD BAG for Kids!

Make sure to check out their website, say hi on Facebook. You can also catch them on twitter!
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