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I never use to like the word God. Much less believe in one.
Any book with the Word written in it more than say 3 times, didn't stand a chance.
Oh yes. Ye of little faith I was.
And strangely enough...that's all that's required.
In something...anyone. Not even necessarily some ONE.
God can be your Furby for all I care...IF, you believe that IT has the powers that make this life so mystical, so magical.
In Furby we trust.
Whatever floats your bloat.
Reactive God faze was then...

Opening my eyes I stare down at the the 108 Mala beads laced through my fingers.
9 minutes have passed.
A somewhat lotus beside the bed, on the carpet, mid-day...Blackberry Torch as my witness...and timer.
Nothing's wrong.
In the grand scheme of the world there is so much to be thankful for.
So I pray. My version anyways...
For less of the stuff that keeps me small and more of the stuff that connects me to what's really important.
I ask for more patience...(like an overstock please.)
More space in my head to think clearly...
More importantly, more space in my heart to love freely.
My biggest request though?
Always love.
To see more, feel more, experience more...give more.
A whole slew of other requests. A tall order, sure.
Remember it was a total of 9 minutes.
That's a long ass time when you're talking one, hoping that some one is listening!!!
My intentions, rooted in something so much greater than I (possibly the Great Furbmister), reminding me that the only thing standing in my way to anything,
So perhaps before we fall to our knees. Or get pushed there.
We invite ourselves there daily instead.
It's in the asking that we receive...
NOT waiting...and begging, crying, bargaining and pleading.

I believe in God, only I spell it Nature. - Frank Lloyd Wright

Walking in a winter wonderland.
Fingers frozen.
I take a deep breath.
Nature's all I need.
To reconnect.
And the almighty Fur duo avec their red-coated walker (who I'm convinced believes in me more than I believe in myself sometimes...)
Okay, and maybe a glass of wine and a foot rub on my arrival home.

I remember the quote by Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat Pray Love:
"God dwells within you, as You."
That, which most of us are seeking, and most want to believe in?
And it's as easy as, looking around, taking a deep breath...

jodi renée

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