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Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, "what! you too? I thought I was the only one" ~ C.S. Lewis

I am blown away at the way people just fall into my life. Effortless. Mirroring friendships of the same...
And I don't think the people that make our hearts full ever really know, just how meaningful, how rich, how changed our lives are ...because they are part of it. I feel like one of the luckiest girls in the world to have people in my life that I 'connect' too. For all of the depth that is so much a part of *me* there is a contrasting wonky, gong-show self (aka nut-bar!) that needs an outlet. There's been so many times in my life where I've tried to dumb down one or the other...changing 'me'. The creativity that exists of the expression of my heart...needs me to be...well. Me.
And finding a surround of people that not only embrace that, but create expansion and more expression, are like ...food for my authentic soul.
It's been a feast...unreal. I find the most amazing friends, in the most crazy of ways.

Jen. My eyebrows will only ever know your hands. My feet! They cry for you! and my back...well, because of you, the crazy journey of 'alignment' set me on a path that changed me forever.
Coming into my life, giving me the few things above that 'fine tune' me cannot compare to the GIVE that pours out of one of the biggest hearts I know. YOURS.

It's not wonder then, that the boys in your life ARE your life. Your loyalty, friendship and overflowing heart make everyone's life ...so much *more*.

Waylan and Jim can thank you in sniffs and licks! ...uh...which I'm not prepared and fortunately for you, not really going to attempt!
Thank you. For your friendship and your heart....
You put up with more nut-bar I think then anyone I know...(PS...you better not close your eyes, cuz as soon as you do, I'm gonna punch you square in the face!)

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Gorgeous contrast | style and framing inspiration

Found some fabulous framing inspiration ideas from the Condo, Lofts and Apartments Special Edition of House and Home...
Love the simplicity of the framing here. Mixed with earthy elements and raw textures, the clean, and modern frames contrast beautifully here. Nice to pair our favourite *feeling* photos with other art we love, quotes etc.

GORGEOUS ...love monochromatic WHITE framing with black & white images! The contrast against the darker side board really makes this a visual 'stand out'. Great idea for entry ways and hall spaces.

Brilliant. The room where much of the family spends most of their time. The kitchen! We need to think outside the 'framing box' and incorporate different styles and textures. I'm loving the extra bit of negative space along the bottom and the wicker (which I'm guessing is what these frames are made of) add a nice warmth and earthiness - nice finish to a room of the same.

love xo

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the journey ...photo heaven

I've driven to the mountains and back a couple times this week...it's funny how it never gets old how beautiful this place is. And the more I appreciate the glorious *beauty* that is everywhere, it's like new snippets are revealed. Pockets of absolute radiance.
I want everyone to *see* what I see when I'm driving, taking it all in...feeling FULL. Nature is enough. It's perfect. And it's funny how the location we picked for Thursday's family session created initial reactions of barren, isolated, empty, bare...
Awesome! Take me there...
The most obvious beauty doesn't do much for me (if you know me at all and you mention a photo shoot in the park, a little part of me dies inside...) Okay, maybe just deflates a little...

It's the pockets of overlooked. Simple. Nothing.
In the space of 'nothing' ...you can see.

On our way to 'the location' it was the journey that took my breath away. I kept stopping. Stunning light is my addiction and it was weaving it's way ....everywhere.
We came out of the path and entered HEAVEN!
(My heaven might have a few more muscle-winged men, perhaps they were lurking in the trees!?) Definitely no cream cheese either - that's not my heaven, just a disaster for some really bad indigestion ...(if you haven't see the cream cheese commercial then that comment just sounds...uh...weird?) A good FYI though never to send me dairy gifts...

If you don't stop and take it all in ON THE WAY ...you may not appreciate the place you're headed for. There will always be another destination.
So focused on 'where' you're headed you miss SO MUCH. And by letting go of your expectations of 'getting there' ...when you arrive, it far exceeds your expectations.
Cuz the journey...was enough.

I had a blistering migraine the day of this shoot. I love Shaun, his family and their spirits. Part of my journey has been learning to set aside 'my stuff' and showing up. Everything in me wanted to do this for them. I wanted to do this for myself.

80% of success is just showing up ~ Woody Allen

Deciding that you CAN do something and surrendering will create it's own momentum for the journey. I wouldn't trade this night for anything...
These are some of the greatest people in my life and I have a gift I want to give.
I want them to see, experience, feel...the lens in which I look through.

...just wait till you see the rest :)


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