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I've driven to the mountains and back a couple times this's funny how it never gets old how beautiful this place is. And the more I appreciate the glorious *beauty* that is everywhere, it's like new snippets are revealed. Pockets of absolute radiance.
I want everyone to *see* what I see when I'm driving, taking it all in...feeling FULL. Nature is enough. It's perfect. And it's funny how the location we picked for Thursday's family session created initial reactions of barren, isolated, empty, bare...
Awesome! Take me there...
The most obvious beauty doesn't do much for me (if you know me at all and you mention a photo shoot in the park, a little part of me dies inside...) Okay, maybe just deflates a little...

It's the pockets of overlooked. Simple. Nothing.
In the space of 'nothing' can see.

On our way to 'the location' it was the journey that took my breath away. I kept stopping. Stunning light is my addiction and it was weaving it's way ....everywhere.
We came out of the path and entered HEAVEN!
(My heaven might have a few more muscle-winged men, perhaps they were lurking in the trees!?) Definitely no cream cheese either - that's not my heaven, just a disaster for some really bad indigestion ...(if you haven't see the cream cheese commercial then that comment just sounds...uh...weird?) A good FYI though never to send me dairy gifts...

If you don't stop and take it all in ON THE WAY may not appreciate the place you're headed for. There will always be another destination.
So focused on 'where' you're headed you miss SO MUCH. And by letting go of your expectations of 'getting there' ...when you arrive, it far exceeds your expectations.
Cuz the journey...was enough.

I had a blistering migraine the day of this shoot. I love Shaun, his family and their spirits. Part of my journey has been learning to set aside 'my stuff' and showing up. Everything in me wanted to do this for them. I wanted to do this for myself.

80% of success is just showing up ~ Woody Allen

Deciding that you CAN do something and surrendering will create it's own momentum for the journey. I wouldn't trade this night for anything...
These are some of the greatest people in my life and I have a gift I want to give.
I want them to see, experience, feel...the lens in which I look through.

...just wait till you see the rest :)


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