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I can remember sitting at Divino's before the Bon Jovi concert this summer here in Calgary. I looked down at my BlackBerry (and while I try not to check emails after hours...ahem...I TRY!) ...I had to take a peek, I mean Erin was expecting and while she wasn't due for a few weeks, and I'm certainly not her midwife on call, her doula or her Dr. (thank God for you Erin!)
I AM her photographer. Just as important.
Erin and I share many loves. One of them being - great photos! I think the email went something like this...
"We'd ABSOLUTELY LOVE and I do mean LOVE to do a mat shoot with you. No really - I can't stop smiling. Kent just asked me what I was so happy about - and I said PHOTOS with JODI!"
A girl that caps LOVE, PHOTOS and my name wins the key to my heart. There are multiple keys btw and they're usually pretty easy to obtain. No it's not like trying to start a car and if you hear the engine you win the car. I'd like to think of myself as a better prize ...although at times I feel just as mobile as a car...probably more of a plane - and well...there will be no tickets or keys to that lotto, it's a plane. I can try and move mountains folks and well, if you're looking for cheap flights...try West Jet!
In a nutshell. Days like this...she's smiling. I'm smiling. Like an idiot. Ear to ear, my heart is full.
The lotto doesn't get any better than that.
...I do need a new car though...??
I love you guys! ...xo

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