Worked with Trish despite the thunder and clouds! Until it started pouring we were able to get some good photos! Hope these help on your model endeavors...good luck! You're beautiful and sweet...thanks again for making the trip!

Natalie's Prom...

June 3rd 2006 - I hadn't seen Natalie in YEARS! I used to baby-sit her and her brother's...(I feel so old!), and I was delighted that she wanted me to photograph her before her some shots of her and her family! Your beautiful Nat! Thanks so much!

Stacey and Leigh

Stacey and Leigh are getting married in Cabos next Febuary 2006! Hopefully I'll be making my way down there to shoot the wedding! We did the engagment shots in downtown Galt where there is a lot of older buildings ~ so beautiful! The both of them were easy to work with...the pictures turned out great!

Laura and Jason

I was so excited to take photos of Laura and Jason as we had planned this for quite some time. I couldn't have asked for two more willing participants ~ Jason is a hoot and Laura is so photogenic..makes my job easy! We went down to Bloor West Village as it's so cute down there with the markets and cafes...lots of colours and an overall great atmosphere. Thankfully the weather prevailed...a tad windy, but no rain!

Sarah and Miguel

Better late than never! I'm going to start adding some engagement shots, couples and weddings ~ love the kids stuff, but I have so much more to show! Sarah's a friend of mine from highschool...she "just" got married in Panama and I offered prior to this to do her engagement shoot...I couldn't stop smiling at the photos when I got them! They are SO cute together and I wish them both the best in their new life together!

Cute Curtis...

Curtis had a quietness about him that was so cute! We were able to get some amazing shots on a brilliant spring day...

Carter Craze!

Cute as a button...this little guy had one great pose ~ sleeping! I did however manage to get this great shot...

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