a room to dream | nursery and kids rooms

a few of the picture credits: ohdeedoh

Clean lines, modern, rustic...
Create a world of ideas, inspiration and ...love
The little people,
...are just as influenced, if not 'more' by the what's around them.
Things you collect with them, things they love...
Words that empower, enlighten...
Where they sleep, dream and feel safe.
This is where possibility and imagination brews.
how do you want your children to feel? what beliefs do you want to instill in them?
who do you want them to 'be'?
This is all possible by surrounding them *in* and with these very things, feelings...words...

For all my soon to be momma's, hope this sparked some inspiration...
The dreaming starts before you even close your eyes...
creatively yours,
jodi renée

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Tips on How to Get Lucky ...

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity ~ Seneca

I believe that whatever we SEE and create in our minds...we can create in real life.
How could the mind create something that wasn't possible?
You have to meet luck halfway.
Create opportunity.
The more places you go, the more people you connect with...
Asking for business, giving out cards especially when it feels uncomfortable...
People always ask how I end up shooting in such amazing places.
it's networking! it's reaching out...I ASK.
Wherever I go I must know someone that knows someone there! ...and if they don't, no biggie...if they DO...amazing. Good thing I asked :)

My dream has always been to photograph people and places all over the world.
I'm living my dream.
am I lucky?
And I also do a LOT of preparation.

Ever notice that when you really start thinking about someone they call? ...or you're looking at new cars, one stands out in your search and then that's all you see on the road?
It's not like there's more of those same cars on the road. They've always been there.
It's your awareness that's changed.
They're in your awareness, thus you're bringing into focus what's on the forefront of your desire.
This is pretty huge.
And critical.
In getting...

Insert one hell of a visualization addict (that's me) and you've got the first (and maybe the most powerful tool) to getting what you want.
Visual journals. Vision boards. La la la...I may have lost some of you know with those two words and if I have...GOOD LUCK to you. It's proven that so many athletes who go over the event in their mind...again and again, win. They get what they want. They create the feeling and thus generate an experience that they're familiar with. They know it. They've seen it, they've tasted it...they've experienced it.
Again and again the mind will default to a pattern of thinking that keeps you where you are, with what you have. Same people, same places...same things.
The reality that we are here is enough to believe that everything is possible. Moving past the limits of your beliefs is VERY challenging.
If we start with something so simple. And fun!
These visions, journals and boards are the foundation of something that inspires and moves me towards my dreams.
And for me...
They work.

I spent days on the above image that is now my screen saver on my huge desktop.
From places I want to go...to things I want to have, feelings I desire...people I aspire to be like, love I want in my life, family, laughter...and yes. A million dollars. Actually if anyone can find a billion dollar image - please send it to me. Appreciated :)
I am simple.
AND I love beautiful things.
I love quality things.
I appreciate the small things.
And I love luxury.
Am I not allowed to have these things?
...we are here to enjoy all of the riches and possibilities of life. It's merely a belief system that is holding any of you back.

it's all there. And maybe there's more. Perhaps I haven't included enough.
The time invested in the searching and actually putting this together generated something within my mind...
Now I see it every day. I love it. It inspires me.
The seeds have been planted.

The rest of the work as mentioned above...
Be open! try new things, meet new people. Extend yourself...
Ask for what you want.
ask again!

My friends will attest to the CRAZY manifestations of my life that I firmly believe are due to the fact that I'm open ...
To life.
it's opportunities...
However it won't come to you...
...you must
go to it.

Good luck! ...xo
jodi renée

I wrote the above journal in 2004 ...of what I wanted to create in my life "If I couldn't fail"...
Avid journal writing junkie...

Above pic is an example of my 'visual journal'...I just rip the crap out of magazines pulling out things that I'm drawn too, things I like...love
It doesn't have to make sense, it just has to generate a feeling.
Then I glue it in a spiral sketch book - and voila! book O inspiration.
And the crazy thing about the "my life" ad for Varenna/Poliform?
....maybe you can tie together the manifestation with the Blog post not too long ago about Shaun Ford Design crrraaaazeeee.
I honestly just loved the design, the simplicity the ad...the tag line.
Now I work with a brilliant designer who USES those products, and designs those spaces.

anyone know a family or couple ...a place to stay in Ireland :)

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Up in the Air Part II (more ramblings and my ode to yoga)

it's taken me awhile to write this post...
Up in the Air Part I. This might just be the sequel. A trend in post beginning with airplanes and the photo above brings me peace. Flying over Vancouver on my way back from Bali last year. Excited to be back in so many ways, the journey I had just gone through - my GOD! ...and who knew the journey that still lay ahead.

Maybe we put TOO much on people...places...things. Maybe it's the experience we're looking for...and that really doesn't require us to go. Anywhere.
"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive"
~ Howard Thurman

Things that make me come alive, things that make me come alive...hmmm...Well. Yoga. Even though doing yoga at that time created a next day migraine that made an anvil dropping on the head seem like a vacation of bliss. Imagine. Anvil = bliss. And I know that some of you get it. Right? cuz on some level we're all dealing with or masking some sort of lingering pain that keeps us from doing something...anything...everything.
I had been looking up yoga trainings for quite some time. Teach? hmmm...on some level there's a deep rooted belief that I suck at teaching. I can't teach. And it's that exact fear that provokes me to 'go'...flip that coin and there may just be a great teacher in the making. Define 'teach' though. Getting outside of my definition and I've come to realize "I am teaching"...just not the physical practice of yoga. Yet.
Back and forth between researching different trainings. You'd think I was doing a research for a PHD! ...unfortunately it's just one of my 'control issue' things rearing it's beautiful face. Cuz maybe if I know absolutely EVERYTHING without even having experienced ANYTHING I'll be ...what? What the fuck will I be?
Nothing can beat experience.
No prep can ever PREPARE you for the actual doing of it...BEING there.
Trust me. NO PREP.
annnd why I do I know this? I felt that the 100% raw food diet would cure me. Of all my ailments. I was 100% convinced that this was THE ONLY way and that I'd come back rejuvenated, limber, lean and radiant! ....oh man. Was I ever wrong.
And that's not to say that 100% raw food doesn't work. I SO believe in so many of the ideas behind it and you honestly have to choose a path 'that works for you'. So if that's 80/100 raw ratio...50/50 ...
It's a personal thing. You can't expect what works for others to be the miracle for you. TRY and be your own experiment.
Seriously this whole Raw food thing has soooo much more to it. I'll have to write another post on it. Cuz I do implement this into my life - the parts that work for. ME.
Rewind: how did I get to Bali?
it's people.
People lead me to places. In a hell of an adventurous way. Maybe because I trust them, what the world brings to me. People give me that. Faith and trust.
So meeting a girl at a snowboard camp in Whistler ...who introduced me to Raw food AND..."Radiantly Alive Yoga"
Let the research begin! and then the torment of deciding ...should I go, shouldn't I go...go here? go there? wait? Now!? OhmyfreakingGod! Decisions are my uh......the opposite of strength let's just say. Mind you I can buy 3 pairs of jeans and over priced eye cream without even blinking!
woooo....revealing as I'm typing. It's the 'going of places' that I struggle with.
I was thinking about it TOO much. My body was screaming at me...
Life was just getting uncomfortable.
So I booked. Cuz all I wanted was instant change and for me to look and feel better AS SOON AS I RETURNED.
Yep. Notice the lack of patience and understanding for the Self? Big time.
And keep this in the back of your head "the way you do one, is often the way you do everything"...extremist, no patience, go hard or go home? wow...no wonder I have no balance in my life? I'm living one end of the pendulum. WITH EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IN MY LIFE (feel the stress there - bold caps are less shouting, more pronunciation. Like in slow motion...kinda like THIS) Hilarious fav clip from Old School
Expectations. Hell ya. Bali was going to give me everything I needed. Healing my spine, my migraines, my horrible complexion, lack of sleeping........pain.
Bali was going to heal my life.
oh. And because of all the pain, I no longer thought photography was the path - so it HAD to be yoga teaching.
Wow. Bali are you ready for me?
And you know what happens with expectations? Disappointments. Cuz there's a wanting of something. There's a strong urgency to 'get'. Where can life dance and play...weave it's magic when you already have it all figured out?
ahhh...this is what they mean by 'surrender'
I'd heard this enough in the last two years...you'd think I'd understand.
You need the experience.
All of your expectations to come short. To be disappointed.
You need to fail and fuck up. TO BE WRONG.
Fail again....
and again and again.
Turn around. Apologize to the world, to YOURSELF.
Forgive you.
Fall flat on your face.
You need to give up knowing or 'wanting' to know anything...and everything.
In the NOT knowing? Possibility. Opportunity. Magic and soooo much freedom.
To just be. YOU. And this wonderful, amazing moment.
Because really. That's all that's required of you.
In this life.
Right now.

"You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you"
~ Joseph Campbell

There are so many pockets of amazing experience I'm leaving out and maybe for a reason...maybe I'll get to writing them or maybe they'll stay cherished for 'me'.
However, if I could reach deep into the souls of the people who are still reading this post ...(thank YOU if you're still hanging in!) ...I would pull you up and out of your SHIT.
We can never SEE clearly and stuff will always be in the way, as long as we allow it to be. Our stories, the things that hold us back. Life in it's plethora of distractions tied with our own expectations can only lead us on a crazy circular journey that seems worse than a merry-go-round ...and the guy that pushes the button to stop the ride has gone home for the day.
I have realized that I can constantly LOOK for ways to heal me, to 'fix' me.
And until I tap into the part of me that's absolutely PERFECT. Nothing externally is going to fix what needs to be healed inside first.
It's not that we need to be more of anything...
Life throws you signs of pain and discomfort to say "hey! you're off balance"
Be still.
Re-evaluate what it is you want. And why? Ask yourself questions. Do the work ON YOU!
You have all the answers.

You want to know what the most powerful snippet of info I took from 30 days of an intense yoga training?
Be calm on the inside.
Your breath is the biggest indicator of 'where you are'...
and it'll take you back to where you need to go.
But you have to listen, check in and be still.
Often what you think you need, is exactly what you do not.
It's time to get out of the 'thinking' of everything and into the FEELINGS.
This is yoga. This is life.

Do you really care if you're uber flexible? what is doing the splits really going to give you?
Flexibility of the mind however...
Gives you so much more.
Comparing in the studio on your mat.
Comparing to where you are in your life or job...
The only thing that matters is what FEELS RIGHT for you.
This is your life.
how high someone can pull their leg over their head or where they're at successfully in their job takes away from YOUR MOMENT. And this is the only thing that's going to move you forward. Tune in.
To you.
I'm beginning to recognize change..
And that it happens on it's own time,
and with patience. A lot of love and full on gratitude.
I can always get myself into a place of anxiety and THINKING that I need to be somewhere else or doing this, having that.
Putting myself out of this incredible moment.
Right here. Right now.
When you stop to think of what you have.
Full on gratitude.
And this is why people of the world who are faarrrr worse off than we are...are happy.
They're grateful. Just to be alive.
That's enough.
They don't need anything but the magnificent freedom that is their spirit.
Heavenly huh?

Start from where you are...
Even if it's not where you want to be.
Starting is somewhere that leads to that place.
And be open to the path less traveled.
We never EVER want the things, or the place...or the person.
It's the FEELING when we have those things, get to that place or find that person.
Feelings are our fuel and guess what?
We can create those from right where we're standing.

So it's gorgeous! and I'm all FOR travel and the experience it brings you, the people you come across and the amazing pictures!!! ...however it's not for everyone. It might not be possible for everyone.
You don't have to travel across the world to get the snippet of life changing 'be calm on the inside' that I did...
Maybe you just have to know me and be reading my long winded Blog!

...OR maybe just slow the FUCK down. In a world of fast paced, no-one-can-even-let-you-in-the-next-lane-because-they-need-to-get-to-the-up-coming-red-light-faster-than-you! whew....
We are all in a rush. Slooooow down.
So tapping in by tapping out (yes that means facebook and blackberry!) ...is an adventure in itself. Because there's more to getting somewhere and always having to connect with everything and everyone but yourself.
You're a lot more than you give yourself credit for.
Make yourself THAT important.
Often that's all you need.
I am grateful if ONE of you has read this whole post and made it to the end here...
Honestly. I could write forever on Bali and the expectations that fell short only to FAR EXCEED my expectations as life unfolded over the past few months up until today...

There will be so many more posts around pockets of this journey and new ones to come! I'd SO appreciate it if you do enjoy my writing that you let me know by writing comments on my Facebook Fanpage! ....
...thanks for being here...xo
jodi renée

"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for" ~ Epicurus

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Shaun Ford Design and Poliform | Calgary Alberta

The meaning of quality...as a basic part of every day life.
The Poliform collection is the result of long-term commitment to give the general public the greatest possible choice in the creation of a personal habitat.
Not to mention the style and products are GORGEOUS!
I gravitate towards the nature of style that makes it way into most of Poliform's designs. Rustic, earthy, real, natural...This may be one of the coziest rooms I've ever laid eyes on. So many different textures for tactile sensory seduction. And make note of the boxy framing over the sofa - LOVE.
The above photo/kitchen is a favourite of mine and has a story of synchronicity behind it (which I'll leave for another post) ..Notice that there isn't much separation (if any at all) between the outside and inside space. The home then truly becomes a blend of nature...
And nature gives us everything we need -- teaches us so much about style, living...life.

Spectacular view is not distracted, only enhanced by the quality finishes and clean lines here. I can't get enough of white and the contrast of dark wood...
Even with it's super modern and contemporary designs the warmth is still there!
Spacious and clean design. I think it's important to create 'space'...this is where movement and inspiration flow.

Poliform is one of the most influential and significant presences within the Italian furniture sector. Their mission statement can be summarized: to interpret solutions for the entire home, from libraries to wardrobes, from beds to complements; we offer a contemporary, timeless aesthetic, and craftsmanship accessible to a large segment of the public.

It's no surprise that my good friend Shaun is tapped into the incredible design and styles of Poliform (click on the logo above to go directly to his site).
He stands behind custom and authentic design.
He's creating beautifully designed, one of kind, inspirational homes and spaces.
Style in a home is about as personal as you can get.
Your environment will either distract you or inspire you. If it's functional it's efficient, if it's inspiring it'll move you in the direction of you and your families dreams.
If you feel good in this space and never wanna leave ...then it's 'home'
jodi renée

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tamara's expecting ...part II | Calgary, Alberta

Life can change...
In an instant.
Over the course of a few months...
when you meet the 'right one'.
Life sweeps you off your feet, down the aisle and right into the baby wing to deliver your TWINS.
And I don't know anyone that embraces change with so much willingness, fearlessness and courage than Tamara.
I know you'll pass on all these traits and SO many more to the boys...(who I can't wait to meet!)
They're blessed to have you and Eric as their mom and dad...
And I'm equally blessed -- I miss you!!! xo
jodi renée

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