boys...will be boys!

A really good friend of mine Sandra had fallen in love with my work and was always raving about the two younger men in her life (lol) I decided that capturing this moment in their lives was the LEAST I could do to thank her for her incredible friendship! As a friend she is funny, thoughtful, generous AND SOOO beautiful! People think my brides are models...and now I'm rounding up all these hot mammas!!! Her geniune spirit is worn on her sleeve and being around her is so much fun...she's hilarious! I think it's so important to let the hardworking moms know they are appreciated...and loved. I know her boys love her...the photos below say it all...

To see some additional photos from this session AND to enjoy the I LUV MOM mother's day slideshow that I've put together, visit the HOMEPAGE on my back, enjoy the music and maybe think about 'your' mom...(make this mother's day one she'll never forget!)

For information on the best gift for 'mom' - email me for details!

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kelly + ryan

So obvioulsy been a little busy with the lack of posting (yikes!)...I'll be up to speed soon and it'll be well worth some of the wait! Working on a new Blog...lots of exciting changes and upcoming events! In the meantime I had to post this engagement session that I did awhile back for Kelly and Ryan. First of all...I get a lot of questions about my clients being "real"...they are NOT models! I'm just lucky that I've had the opportunity to photograph so many beautiful people! And this post...well...Kelly looks like Jessica Alba in some of the shots and she's absolutely incredibly beautiful AND super nice! Not only is Kelly gorgeous...she's super talented and works with her partner at the cutest, trendiest little salon in Waterdown. If you're local, even if you're not...and you're looking for a fabulous cut, colour...whatever! They'll take care of you at Stile Salon in Waterdown! Brides! Seriously...don't cut corners where beauty is concerned!!! The two of them are dynamite!!!

FRIGID temperatures again...but check out the hot pics below...if there is one common theme amongst these's they they truly are in love, and Ryan can certainly make her laugh...I love that :)


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