Ubabub | Australian Home and Style Inspiration

SO loving these! Kid-tested, eco-friendly and made to last. How amazing is this nursery furniture from Australia! Ubabub was born when Natasha and Daniel Dumais had trouble finding baby nursery furniture to suit their modern taste...

The home of the brilliant entrepreneurs gives way to some super cute, open and airy inspiration! Especially the kids rooms! (Images by James Braund)
Above the Ubabub Pod Cot - CUTE!!!!
Ubabub Nifty Clear Cot ...

absolute heaven of light in this room...

From thedesignfiles

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Brooke Fraser | Something in the Water

New Zealand singer-songwriter Brooke Fraser...A-M-A-Z-I-N-G...
Like a warm broth of happy, indie from-the-soul music.
God she's so beautiful (lips are you kidding me!??!) ...maybe it's something in the water?
jodi renée

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tamara's expecting ...part I | Canmore Alberta

..."I'm so not mother earth" she had said.
Are you kidding me?!
Mother Earth...Mother Earth.
Maybe you don't weave often through the tall grass holding a bountiful belly of TWO babies...
Perhaps you don't bask in the sun staring up at the grand mountains while life GROWS inside you...
And yet...
YOU -- now mother.
YOU -- so earth.
So grounded...fearless, full of spirit, life and love.
Warm, ambitious, playful, open ...
In the whirlwind that is life, you stand ten feet tall and bullet proof with your arms wide open.
You inspire me...
and your family is blessed.
With so much natural instinct for life...and love.
Embrace it.
You are soooo Mother Earth ...(I know you're still laughing!)
I love you!
jodi renée

*Obviously these are post-backs...like throw backs to a time when I could play outside in the fresh air, mountains and sun! ....winter be gone. Or Jodi by a plane ticket!

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Andrew's brilliant...
love this song with Katie Herzig
jodi renée

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the sight of the stars...Amazing timelapse from Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree Under the Milky Way from Henry Jun Wah Lee on Vimeo.

Timelapse of the Perseid Meteor Shower seen from Joshua Tree National Park....

Late night post...just getting home
Crystal clear sky filled with stars.

You give yourself up
when you look up
...at the stars. I do.
I stand there in awe...amazed, inspired. Completely taking in the 'awesomeness' of the night sky. The fact that I'm here and they're so...so, so, sooooooo far away. Twinkling, tiny lights...
That they exist. That's enough. I'm in awe. That's enough.
Amazed, childlike, curious, bewildered...all at the same time.
So they give me hope.
Imagine we could stand before everything like that?
What makes us so different than the stars?
...they could be as equally amazed.

Not the view I had this evening however the above video blows my mind. Stunning.
The point? You'd have to really be still and patient to have witnessed that whole Meteor Shower...
Often that's all you need
...to really see.

night night...xo
jodi renée

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Quick AND healthy ...in a hurry! NO excuse!
Grab a bag of frozen veggies...(stay with me here)! Europe's Best has a new Tuscon inspired blend...
Heat up a skillet with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil...throw in some FRESH baby broccoli (see cute broc's above!) and once you've heated them a little ways through, then throw in your frozen veggie blend. Maybe 25 minutes for this DELICIOUSNESS ...super healthy, super easy! Take that Rachael Ray!
Don't forget the sea salt. NO table salt. Ever...
And why the babes of Broccoli? ...natural antioxidant that will detoxify germs and bacteria in your body. Helps lower blood pressure and has properties of anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, and anti-cancer (because of the Sulforaphane in case you want to throw around your health genius at the dinner table!)
Nature gives us everything we need! .......and when we're in a hurry, Europe's Best is pretty helpful. That's why they're the best?
bon appetite!
jodi renée

and yes I ate all of that :)

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Cinematic Orchestra | To Build a Home

real music...how f**kin beautiful when people create from that deep place within their soul?
"...this is a place I don't feel alone...this is a place I call my home" [sigh]

Soul has power people. Whatever 'form' it takes, release it into the world...
The world needs to see, feel, hear, taste the magic that is your gift.
jodi renée

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mish-mash framing | home and style inspiration

These spaces speak to my soul with their blend of freedom, nature and light...Combining earth's elements 'into' our homes ignites the creative spirit. I think we crave for this more than we know...Nature frees us to be our most expressive and authentic selves.
Brilliant framing! Don't shy away from framing and displaying inspiration in the least likely of places! where do you spend all of your time? What do you want to see, dream and be inspired by when you're in these places? ....contrast here with the rich dark woods and white! I love it.
Keep in mind these framing suggestions CAN be interchanged with your personal photos! ...be creative, think outside of the box. If what I'm inspiring here is showing you 'art' ...change it up. Your family, your LIFE - is just as inspirational. If not more.

God I am so eclectic in taste. Voila chic vintage! splash of colour against the rich brown...notice the mish-mash of framing on the right. Hello. Everything works. There is NO method to madness for display...if you love it. Rock it.
absolutely LOVE the casual and warm feel of the above framing! Mix of art and personal photos. Notice the randomness of the framing still has an order to it? get out of 'the same the same'....it'll work. Be open....
Perfectly spacious, white AND warm. Again...frames of different sizes and really no rhythm however they look perfect in their non-sense.
Clients are always asking me if something works or makes sense. Does it make sense for YOU. Then it works. Period. We create beauty not by asking and comparing to what IS beautiful to everything and everyone else but by liberating ourselves to find what works for us. Especially if they're family photos or something of a personal nature. There is nothing you can compare it too. Let your heart and intuition guide you to YOUR personal style...
Creating something that's unique to *you*
jodi renée

images by: jean-marc palisse and jarlath mellett

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Adele | Rolling in the Deep

just heard this on the radio this morning....looooove it
Love songs from the depths of the soul.
This is fckn brilliant
jodi renée

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364 days to love...my UN-Valentine's Day wish

Ode to valentine's and the post that should've been sent yesterday. shoulda, coulda, woulda.

On the day of love
That's just it...
Lover of 'love'...its what I seek, inspire and on THE day to give, share...
I feel forced
and anything forced for me, is un-natural.
It's not coming from a genuine authentic place.

Maybe it should be UN-Valentine's day and perhaps we should celebrate the other 364 days of the year.
Candy giving, card writing...flowers. Expression.
Or just heart opening....Surrender.
Get out of your head. Move into the body; this is the path connecting back to the heart.
The soul place. Where we've disconnected.

By our ideas and definitions of love we are hurting.
The filters we wear from the past...
Blinding us to the power within, that 'things WILL change'
We have that ability. To love with every fibre of our being.
Radical acceptance. First of ourselves and then of each other.
We can't ask for what we cannot, first give ourselves.

I hear threads of conversations...separation, divorce...unhappiness
"I need" "I need" "I need" ....
When do we move into a place where what we have is enough? The constant seek of fulfillment for ourselves creates this separation - when we are all in fact one.
We don't need as much as we think we do. Love IS enough.
The power of love doesn't judge who we were yesterday.
It forgives.
The power of love doesn't need to control the outcome of the future.
It dances in mystery.
The power of love thrives in the absolute opportunity that if we surrender...if we fall to our knees, open our hearts and get out of our way...
Love is enough.

You come to me carrying a mirror. So that I may see the walls I've built. So that I can look within myself.
So that I can see the face of the only thing that will free myself to love

You are capable to love beyond your wildest dreams. It's your birthright.
...take the heart path and you'll always win.

I love you. More importantly. I believe in you.
Everything is possible.
jodi renee

blue potato love....

I honestly cooked these lovelies JUST to take a photo.
Ok. And because they're delicious.
Yup...blue potato or purple...whatever.
You can't say anything healthy is difficult! The first photos (raw) just slice up the blue babies...throw in a zip-lock bag with coconut oil and shake'em up. With the oven at 450...throw them on a stone or a tray lined with tin-foil. Keep your eye on'em however they might take about 30 minutes? (depends on how many tato's you use)...
Once out of the oven, sprinkle with herbs - thyme above + sea salt = yummy home-made blue potato fries...
HEALTHY. so easy...
*the coloured potatoes have more flavonoids and cartenoids, an abundance of fibre and minerals. They're still a carbohydrate which is a macro-nutrient we NEED. Don't shun the potato for dietary reasons. Especially these blues! The colour comes from an antioxidant and they're jammed packed full of flavour...
Simple ...eat'em!
bon appetite! xo
jodi renée

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a day in the life of...chaos

Looking for calm and cool...I found chaos.
Brilliant, magical and creative chaos.
It shows up as an old house full of LIFE. A place where there are no boundaries, control and possibility is unlimited.
I had a freakin migraine and your first impulse of thinking is like 'oh god'...I'm doomed.
Until you meet Abby, 8 months old and sitting in the MIDDLE OF CHAOS, unscathed.
Two barking (I'm going to add crazy in brackets here) border collies unsure of what to make of one another. We might have a total of nine kids, two which belong to the neighbour. There is a plasma car whirring by what seems like every 2 minutes...."watch the baby!"
Buddha Abby is happier than a clam.
Between running upstairs and dancing downstairs ....crawling on the kitchen floor. Cupcakes, home-made chicken soup, fighting over each other, making music, making friends.
An escape to one of the five rooms for some 'peace and quiet' is like using a mega-phone that says...FOLLOW ME! and bring the noisemakers, the symbols...bring all your annoying and soundly toys! Maybe if I check out twilight turtle in the closet.......peace? At least the stars are nice...
Or maybe I'll just play with the baby on the bed...Passing by what looks like remnants of a bee.......a lone shell of a bee suit. I wonder if the bee perished amongst all this madness.
I am tolerating the migraine. I'm in the centre of life. Does it get any better than this?
Fits of giggles. Tantrums. And a Maggie run-way wanna be that is turning around new dresses with odd pairs of socks like a seasonal trend that is every 20 minutes.

The wheels of dreaming and imagination are free to turn...
When you surrender to rainbow sprinkles on the floor.
When you allow each room to create a life of it's own by letting it's members PLAY...
Giant dollhouses...a map of the world as wallpaper. Tacky...or genius?
Let the little people BE. (especially wearing the bee costume)
I can only imagine having lived with full freedom like this.
Our rules needn't be jail cells for our children souls.
It's imperative that we nourish their sense of play, wonderment and exploration of all things.
Their authenticity depends on it.
Plenty of time to clean up, as they grow up. Move out.
What was once full of spirit, will soon only contain things.
And you'll miss the chaos...that was LIFE.

loving the wonderful, healing, inspiring families of Rochester, New York
(you know who you are!)
I'd do it all over again...WITH the migraine, in the blizzard...(thank God for 80's tune on the 1-90!!!)

chaotic love,
jodi renée xo
I'd totally rock that bee suit if it was my size...

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