blue potato love....

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I honestly cooked these lovelies JUST to take a photo.
Ok. And because they're delicious. potato or purple...whatever.
You can't say anything healthy is difficult! The first photos (raw) just slice up the blue babies...throw in a zip-lock bag with coconut oil and shake'em up. With the oven at 450...throw them on a stone or a tray lined with tin-foil. Keep your eye on'em however they might take about 30 minutes? (depends on how many tato's you use)...
Once out of the oven, sprinkle with herbs - thyme above + sea salt = yummy home-made blue potato fries...
HEALTHY. so easy...
*the coloured potatoes have more flavonoids and cartenoids, an abundance of fibre and minerals. They're still a carbohydrate which is a macro-nutrient we NEED. Don't shun the potato for dietary reasons. Especially these blues! The colour comes from an antioxidant and they're jammed packed full of flavour...
bon appetite! xo
jodi renée

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