Isle of Palms ...South Carolina

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The snow won't stop falling...I dream of sand.
And the sea...
I can take hundreds of photos at the beach, never tiring, looking at the 'same' ocean.
Light, waves, and sand perform in one of the most serene and playful dances I have ever seen.
Unlimited sand, falling into never ending ocean, against infinite horizon.
Everything is possible.
We are so insignificant and so significant at the same time. Our worries, fears and insecurities become so small. When you stand looking out at the ocean.
Every one of us however, has a purpose.
The grandiosity of the ocean is defined, comes every one grain of sand.
It couldn't happen without each-and-every-one-of-them no matter how insignificant they seem on their own. How powerful and the magnitude of a 'creation' ...together.

I'm SOOOO in love with these photos of the beach I took in South Carolina...
Being in love with the ocean I'm blown away at the differences of 'the same thing'...
Water inspires me. It's symbolic in so many ways. I always swore that when I finally had a space/home of my own I'd fill it with the things that make me happy...that come alive...that inspire me. This will be one of them! (I have so many favourites it'll be hard to choose - my favourite might be the one at the beginning of the post...)
Sand ripples of glitter gorgeousness.......the clouds creating a reflection that almost looks like the earth. In focus, out of focus...up close.
The ocean holds a special place in my creative heart. Maybe it does for you too...
jodi renée

If you share my LOVE of the ocean and are drawn to any of the images you see here, please contact me to get this beautiful art up on your walls!
Limited prints per image are available -- canvas of 30x40 or larger

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