the boy, the ocean and the sky...

It's amazing that I was standing in the same spot when I took this series of photos.
They all kinda look the same and yet are completely different, no?
There are elements within these photos that do not change.
The boy.
The ocean.
And the sky.
Showing up in exactly the same spots for each image.
What does that mean because the photos look all so completely different...
Something changes.
Delicately stepping into the water...
Throwing his hands up to the sky...opening his heart up to the possibilities of his life, his dreams perhaps?
The water pulls mirror reflection to the clouds and beyond.
Waves rush forward.
...and then back again.
Clouds come and go.
Wispy, scattered...forming shapes of angels with receiving arms. Maybe?

Are we not amazed by all these elements and their simplicity? They don't do anything...except BE still and let the movement move through them.
Imagine the boy just stood there.
The waves ceased to crash and the sky stayed constantly blue.
I believe it's the constant flux of change through us that makes life so beautiful.
We don't ever have to DO anything except be ourselves.
Stillness is enough. And while it seems passive, is very forward moving...
We are as big and expansive as the sky and the ocean.
Without having to be something or somewhere other than what we already are.
I have to constantly be reminded of this myself, and probably why I'm so drawn to the ocean.
Perhaps why anyone is.
The movement around us might be swirling gorgeous waves bringing shells to the shore or perhaps they're crashing...violent...taking from the shore the same shells in which the day before it gave to us.
The sky, cotton candy stretched clouds...
Can quickly saturate themselves...dark, frightening and angry.
Elated, dreaming, the boy is open to the world.
Sad, hurt and perhaps full of fear...he draws inward.
Life moves through all of us like the tide, the cloud, our feelings and emotions. Does our opinion change of the magnificent and marvelous because of these things?
The ocean at it's core, is still...the ocean.
The sky...and the boy.
Can you stand, in stillness...and just be you, while the world changes and moves around you?
Not always to your liking.
Can you pick up the shells the tide leaves and be just as grateful when it takes them back?
Can you find more space in your heart for love and your dreams in the moments of difficulty, pain and pure frustration?
Life IS movement...
If we can remember this, then nothing affects or changes who we truly are.

So I can stand in one spot...on the shore with my camera.
While some things change, others remain...the same.
Life is beautiful because of all of it.
loving you...
jodi renée xo

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Dreams Villamagna | Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Took a little va-cay to Puerto Vallarta back at the end of Feb and stayed at the Dreams Villamagna.
So this is a tad overdue. Better late than never however! And I've split up the photos so stay tuned for the other half...
We wanted something chill and we wanted to be pampered. Thus we picked Puerto Vallarta and The Dreams resort.
Honestly, this was one of the best vacations I've ever had. From the company, to the location to the service, the food + drink...can we say unlimited room service?
We didn't know how good the food was at the restaurants because we didn't leave the room!
Fajitas became the foundation of my diet...
Nightly hot tubs on the patio.
Lazy drinking, eating and reading on the gorgeous pacific side beach. I finally finished the book Shantaram...
So now I'll need something new to read while on the beach in the less than TWO WEEKS!!! Any recommendations?
Dreams Tulum...we can't wait!
And if you're a family or couple that is vacationing in the Tulum Mexico area end of the month (or know of anyone, please contact me!)
jodi renée xo

applauding avocado.

Here to debunk the myth that food and/or healthy eating is complicated.
It's not.
We are.
We like to make things complicated.
Mother nature gives us everything we need. For some reason, that's not enough AND...OR...we're too lazy to pull things together.
Seriously though? that's just a big fat excuse.
Slicing an avocado in half with a sprinkling of sea salt - mere seconds! And you're treating your body to some of the world's healthiest essential fatty acids.
Great on toast...great in salads! (below)
Tomato, cucumber, fresh basil with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and...avocado! You can add any other vegetables if you like and honestly, it doesn't get any fresher than this for a SIMPLE, healthy summer salad.
Maybe all of our taste buds need to reel it back a notch.
Too much extra STUFF, takes away from the already amazing flavours of food. All you need is simple extras to bring out what's already there - fresh herbs, sea salt, spices, lemon...lime...olive oil. That sorta thing.
Not hard at it!
And a tip when eating avocado's:
  1. It's still a fat! And contains a fair amount of protein. So this baby is best eaten with other veg and NOT mixed with other proteins (meat proteins especially). We want to be sure you're reaping the fab fat awesomeness and you're actually absorbing what you're eating (NOT stressin on digestin!)
In the spirit of the upcoming Cinco de Mayo I was going to post an easy and awesome Guacamole recipe. While NOT authentic Mexican...preeeety damn close! Stay tuned!
de nada! xo
jodi renée

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