applauding avocado.

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Here to debunk the myth that food and/or healthy eating is complicated.
It's not.
We are.
We like to make things complicated.
Mother nature gives us everything we need. For some reason, that's not enough AND...OR...we're too lazy to pull things together.
Seriously though? that's just a big fat excuse.
Slicing an avocado in half with a sprinkling of sea salt - mere seconds! And you're treating your body to some of the world's healthiest essential fatty acids.
Great on toast...great in salads! (below)
Tomato, cucumber, fresh basil with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and...avocado! You can add any other vegetables if you like and honestly, it doesn't get any fresher than this for a SIMPLE, healthy summer salad.
Maybe all of our taste buds need to reel it back a notch.
Too much extra STUFF, takes away from the already amazing flavours of food. All you need is simple extras to bring out what's already there - fresh herbs, sea salt, spices, lemon...lime...olive oil. That sorta thing.
Not hard at it!
And a tip when eating avocado's:
  1. It's still a fat! And contains a fair amount of protein. So this baby is best eaten with other veg and NOT mixed with other proteins (meat proteins especially). We want to be sure you're reaping the fab fat awesomeness and you're actually absorbing what you're eating (NOT stressin on digestin!)
In the spirit of the upcoming Cinco de Mayo I was going to post an easy and awesome Guacamole recipe. While NOT authentic Mexican...preeeety damn close! Stay tuned!
de nada! xo
jodi renée

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