98.5% sugar free.

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spring cleaning...day 13
98.5% sugar free.
Sipping on my no-coffee-allowed with no-cream allowed.
What's the point if you can't fall off the wagon once in awhile?? Or at least hang one leg off the wagon for a little part of the trek! exactly.
I snuck in some brownie samples too while buying my bushels of kale at the health food store.
Not just one or two brownie pieces. Like 5 maybe. Just to make a whole somewhat brownie.
(you know you do that too)
The thing is...
The slip ups don't really matter.
The commitment will supersede giving you flexibility to still enjoy life.
Did you notice I said BUSHELS of kale.
That's commitment, and as daunting as that uber green salad above looks. Dig IN, kale is so jacked with nutrients it kinda reigns as king for the Green World.
I made some changes to the recipe (not adding the sprouts, using lime because I had no lemon) and you can find the recipe HERE or in Kimberly Snyder's book The Beauty Detox Solution.

I remember doing yoga year's ago, when an instructor said the following that stuck with me...
"If if it doesn't feel good, then why are you doing it?"
Someone else reminded me of that the other day...
The point being? Not everything is going to work the same for everyone. And life's too short to be committing to so much without leaving little pockets for life's awesomeness to come and fill.
You still want to ENJOY what you're doing. Even if it's a cleanse.
When things don't feel good, change!
Implement what works for you. Listen to your body and let go of the rest.
There is an awful LOT of mixed and contradicting information out there - especially when it comes to health. Do what works for you...
The biggest part of success is:
being happy along the way!
jodi renée

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