the thief of joy.

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I think it's easy for most to assume that I'm positive and so 'full of light'...
That I was born this way. I agree. I think we all are.
And then everything changes. Life changes us...
It always floors me when people question why I eat so healthy or am going to the gym, often saying "like YOU need to go to the gym."
Ummm...a garden doesn't grow itself,  nor does a cathedral build itself.
Becoming the absolute best person you WERE BORN TO BE, unfortunately (fortunately!) requires work. And a lot of it.
May I remind you I was chubby as a kid and the pain DROVE me to one of the biggest passions of my life. 
My whole life I have defaulted to negative, complaining and always wanting something 'other' than what I had. Thinking that once I had that thing, that person, that would be 'different'.
Different than what?
Different than the way things were...right now. yeaaaaaa right.
Think of an elastic band. And where it naturally is just being all it's elastic band-ness. Like all loose ya know. Then imagine stretching that elastic band a little further, and let's pretend it's somewhere you THINK you want to be. In that stretch is tension. (well helloooo stress and anxiety.)
Now, that's not to say...give up goals and dreams and wanting...
What I do recommend is giving up THINKING you know what you're life is supposed to look like and that something other than 'what is' is going to change how you feel.
Searching to fulfill something, you might as well jump on the hamster wheel.
I can attest that that's one cycle of a ride. Pass on the woodchips thanks.
While you chase what you THINK you want, you miss what you're already given.
Full on gratitude to what's right in front of you, allowing what you have to be enough.
Gives you MORE -- than you could possibly imagine.

This ain't easy. It's a daily practice for me.
I am constantly comparing myself to other business people (thinking that I should be further ahead in my business, making more money .....etc.) Comparing my life to other peoples (looking all white picket fence on Facebook minus the picket fences...maybe they're more like electric fences! Cuz really Farcebook?) Comparing my body and health to what and where I THINK it should be...
Shit. In all that thinking and comparing, where the funk do you just get to be blissfully joyful and radically accepting of everything that is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.
You don't.
And could I possibly THINK I know what's best for me when I can't even appreciate all that's in FRONT OF ME??

You are enough, where you are.
Everything that's been GIVEN to you in this moment is a blessing and an opportunity to truly be joyful and happy.
So much more will come when what you have is enough...
The life you keep imagining doesn't come close to the one that is waiting for you.

gratitude and so much love...
jodi xo

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