cabin fever anyone???

it's beautiful...I KNOW! but enough already...sooooo looking foward to sunshine and spring, walking outside and birds chirping!!! Did I mention OUTSIDE!? (I really need to take up a winter sport) xo

InStyle (and your home!)

The February issue of Instyle not only had a gorgeous cover of a radiantely pregnant Halle Berry, but Jenni Garth (aka Kelly 90210!) shared a stunning family photo wall inside the magazine that I wanted to share. SO many of my clients ask about this and so many are scared that it won't look right! It's YOUR family! (how can it ever not look right???) With a blend of older photos and an array of beautiful frames this wall can be an art piece in itself!

Gorgeous...gorgeous! Does it get more personally beautiful then this?
A more contemporary feel from PotteryBarn...
Images are great for desks and tabletops but let's get them onto the walls! Feel free to email me if you have any questions or need help...a litte inspiration maybe!!!

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Montreal, QB

Really how can you not love this city! The shopping alone! (gasp!) I think I'll have to head back in the summer...when it's a tad warmer! I was dying to shoot but couldn't withstand the cold for as long as I thought I could (wimp I know!) but here's what I did get!
All images are availalbe as prints for anyone who loves Montreal (or even if you don't...perhaps you just like some good old architecture...have been looking for that fine art 'red' mailbox print! Look no more!) Send me an email if you're interested!

umm...ya...nothing changes - may be a 300 year old building but you can still find your Big Macs!

See! It really does even LOOK cold! lol...
I'll definitely be headed back once the weather warms up - please contact me if you're interesting in booking a session (families, babies, couples and kids!) Would LOVE to do some shooting in Old Montreal especially...


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