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name: kristin renee handel

occupation: yoga teacher, domestic engineer, personal assistant to 3 wonderful kids

motherhood is: the hardest, most enjoyable job in the world. No one pats you on the back, you don't get a raise, you rarely get a break. But the unexpected rewards of, "I love you Mom" pushing them out the door to hockey. Or the mitt full of dandelions in need of a vase. The plea for "one more kiss!" on a night when I'm so exhausted I could just fall to the floor...these moments shine.

my kids have taught me: patience. There is no rushing a 5 year old that wants to tie her own shoes, or a 6 year old that eats

Individually Joshua has taught me to stop and listen. Pulling me out of the shower to really 'hear' the birds. Ashton reminds me of the beauty of karma and to be careful of what I say! And Chloe...reminds me that love conquers all. Seeing my frustration she'll walk over and hug me tight. Even if the frustation is with her...

I regret...not standing up for myself enough

Biggest fear: the fear of failure, the fear of the unknown

I'm inspired by: WOMEN! Women yoga teachers who teach from the heart. My new friend Sasha has taught me to MOVE, SIGH and EXHALE as a woman should. My practice now taking a turn to open my body and pour my emotions out. Through these classes I feel emotions release that have caused me physical problems. I'm also inspired by Jodi. Her images capture intimacy, playfulness and love...pure love. It's inpsiring to see someone get really excited about doing what she loves. She brings a sense of ease that magnifies how much fun a shoot can be!

Balance to me means: having time for myself so that I'm a better mother, teacher and friend. Having a good workout and enjoying chocolate cake!

Right now I'm obsessed and receiving kisses. Right now that's only from my kids :)

If I could do things differently...I would have started my own business before having kids. They both require so much time and dedication. I put my dreams on hold when the kids came. Through my separation I learned that it's so important to be self sufficient! I never thought I'd be juggling all this on my own. I wish my feet were planted firmly in a career that fueled me, supporting 'us' without sacrificing so much time with the kids.

Indulgence: latte and biscotti! I love to sit and savour a good cup of coffee with a book or magazine or just sit outside! So the indulgence might be giving myself the TIME to sit and indulge...

Favourite Quote: Twenty years from now you will be more disapointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. (mark twain)

 everywhere. Breeds creativity. Allow the muse to take over, working through you and the magic begins to create itself.
People often comment on how 'real' my photos look. They are real! Real families, real moments. Real magic.
We often don't have to look far for inspiration. It's RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. Magnificent light, a quirky smile, an old barn...Perhaps if we just could slow down enough and look...closer.
We all lead such busy lives, this time of year creating so much stress and tension. What if were to slow down enough, possibly stop? Look closer. The very things that cause us stress can often times create so much joy...if we allow them. know this secret.
Sure they don't have a 9-5 job, the stress of work or relationship woes but I have a feeling that even if they did, they could still find the simplicity and magic. Creating is easy for them because...THEY TAKE THE TIME. Time to sit, time to look, time to listen. Finding beauty in everything that surrounds them. The worlds they create are a reflection of this.
We get to create the lives WE WANT, but how can we do this when we don't even create the space for this to happen?
What are you rushing to get too? And what happens when you get there? What are you sacrificing? Most importantly...what are you missing out on?
Slow down. Truly BE in the moment WITH the people that you're with. Give all of you to every moment, looking...listening.
And be prepared for the magic that creates itself. It's all happening (LIFE!) in the moments that we are living RIGHT NOW...not the ones we're striving to get to...
What inspires you? What do you *create*?
I look to the people in my life.
SO inspired by the strength and beauty of Kristin. Super mom, yogi and friend extraordinaire. Her kids amaze me. Her honesty, love and ability to *create* such a wonderful family is a testament to her prescence and ability to 'stop' and look closer...
jodi renee

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sneak peek...

...the beauty of family, great light and gorgeous scenery. More to come...

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