really...limitations huh? watch this...

this is probably one of my favourite inspirational videos.
The water always speaking to my soul...
and more so, the unlimited and unbound human that let's nothing get in his way...
Whether it's for someone, something or yourself ...whatever FILLS you needs to be filled.
It is your 'birthright' to go after this with a tenacity and hunger that's unstoppable.
There will be nothing that gets in your way.
Except..for you.

please watch ...and maybe re-think what's really stopping you.

BIRTHRIGHT from Sean Mullens on Vimeo.


Letter to 6th grade me...

6th grade track and field day.
On my mind
In my heart
...a constant reminder
of when I gave up. When I didn't even 'try'
Petrified of the 'judgment' of everyone else not recognizing that they would never ...EVER matter. That the most painful judgments were the ones I would carry with me - my whole life.
The ones that dictated who I should be, what I should be...comparing myself to everyone else.

I wrote that letter ...because she's back. I can hear the song she sings in my head with the chorus:
You can't do this
You will fail

You don't have what it takes

You don't know what you're doing

...You aren't good enough
(this last one's a repeater with strong solo vocals!)
Lovely song ain't it? I wonder if I should pull something together with a synthesizer perhaps, make it down-loadable from Itunes? Throw in a few bongos and we could do a tribal remix?

The closer I get to something so radically fearful 'for me'...
The louder this chorus plays in my head.
Because it knows...
What knows and when did this become the matrix???
The YOU that knows your greatest potential WANTS to be great.
The YOU that you have lived your whole 'trying' to be...perhaps even wanting to be...
Wants to keep you the same mediocre, inauthentic facade that never changes.

More concerned that I was overweight and a very slow runner.
Okay, I sucked.
Trumped me even TRYING...
the irony?
at some point in my 20's ...I just started to run.
It was easy.
Like I'd been doing it all my life.
Sometimes 10k, 3 times a week.
It fills my soul, is a passion and gives me SO much.

I don't want to live in the 'what if's' ...and seriously. WHAT IF?
Leaning INTO the thing that scared me the most ...I could have been a track star? Given myself the confidence it needed at such a critical time (cuz who doesn't need more confidence in grade school...)
There is a reason this thing, whatever it may be, however small it seems to others...
IS big.
For you.
Because there is something so magnificently beautiful on the other side...
A passion perhaps? A new love...
Something that fills you.
Changes you.
Frees you.

So in ode to the fears that are looming and knowing what I didn't know then
I've decided to change the chorus:
You CAN do this
You won't ever 'fail' ...

You have what it takes

You know what you're doing

...You ARE good enough
(repeat 10 times and fade out) ...
Let those bongos play.
It's a catchy tune hey?

I believe in you...
jodi xo

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I LOVE ...BluBoho Jewelry

Is it any wonder WHY I fell in love with both Cheryl and Maggie AND their inspirational, story-telling finds?? The hearts and souls of these two girls make an impression just as magical as the jewelry. The only way to experience what I'm talking about? Make your way into the bountiful, blissful and beautiful ... BluBoho.

It began when we started admiring each other's jewelry collections. Seeing new bits on each other's wrists, necks and ears every other day. A love that became a conversation around how we could continue collecting...we realized that our absolute favourite designers were the hardest to come by so we felt it was our duty to create a space for beautiful pieces, positive energy and creation. The signs kept coming that we needed to open a storefront - the "perfect" space (the one we wanted and the only one we dreamed of) right downtown Oakville became available just as we started looking. On March 1, 2001 BluBoho opened it's doors, filled with antiques, fresh flowers, love and incredible jewelry. Choosing designers from all around the world who create pieces with impact. They are like-minded, radical, free-spirited and creative. We put them all together because there is a synergy and beauty created in the store and on the body when you mix the amazing energy of these powerful people and their creations.

We want to be the place people come, to mark the occasions in their lives. Birthdays, babies, convocations, epiphanies, love, and sorrows...

Who or what inspires you?
People who live in the moment, stand for greatness, and believe in authenticity

A fulfilled day for you is...
creating memories, laughing, living in the moment, practicing yoga, eating fresh and healthy food...being with people we love

Favourite Quote
She believed she could, so she did

Chocolate, anything sweet, travel, tea, pedicures, star gazing (the ones in the sky), fresh flowers, candles, music

Fav Reads
Alchemist, Alice in Wonderland, Taschen coffee table books - any and all!

What you wish to leave behind?

What are your favourite pieces in the store right now?
Well that's a tough question! We love every piece - that's why we had to open a store which we sometimes lovingly refer to as our 'walk-in jewelry closet'. If we had to pick - any and every Chan Luu wrap bracelet. They are 32" long, wrapping around the wrist about 5 times or once as a necklace. They come with silver, gold, rose gold, and every semi-precious stone you can imagine. We are loving the pearl right now - gorgeous for summer. Always loving the Good Charma sets of 6 - so you can pass one along on your journey of life, spreading love and good karma.

Where do you see yourself and the business in the future?
We would love to open more stores so we can bring beautiful pieces, incredible energy and a sense of community to more area's. Toronto is on the radar, and we both love Ottawa, Halifax and the West coast.

The moral of their story?
Dreams come true. The universe is magical and WILL open doors for you that need to open

Make sure to drop into the store on Lakeshore in downtown Oakville...
And don't forget to LIKE them on Facebook!
jodi renée

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yummy yam + beet chips | recipe

Yam + Beet Chips

There's no turning back. And really no excuse since this is the simplest and easiest recipe on the planet. Chips and fries beware! Move over potato!
These RAD ROOTS are chalk full of fibre, anti-oxidants and other unbelievable nutrients.
Serve'm up to the kiddies! The natural sugars release while baking making them taste...just like candy!

Pre-heat oven to 400
Prep a cookie sheet with tinfoil (unless non stick)
Peel and slice a bunch of yams and beets - thinly slice both
Toss the sliced yams and beets into a large ziploc bag with one tablespoon of coconut oil (*remember this awesome oil doesn't change even when heated to high temperatures! If you don't have any handy however you can use extra virgin olive oil - just remember to buy oils in the dark glass bottles)
Spread the oiled up yummies onto the cookie sheet and sprinkle with herb of choice (I like to use thyme, basil ...or if you're going for that desert like taste you can use cinnamon!)

Bake and watch...
When they look a little crispy on one side, flip'em over to bronze the back-sides. Usually takes no more than 30 minutes all together and depends on how you sliced them.
Once out of the oven, sprinkle a little sea-salt over ...and Enjoy!
jodi renée

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breakfast of books...mmmmm feed me

Food isn't just about nutrition that supports and nourishes the body. The road to great living, leading and being a champion at anything is about 'mental fitness'. Feeding the body optimal foods to clear a path for your best thinking AND, feeding the mind the fuel to stimulate growth and expansion.

Coffee and the morning news? = ANXIETY
A breakfast of body love, mind love? = SUCCESS

Follow the recipe below...
*Bob's Red Mill Organic Kamut Cereal (cooked according to directions on the package. And I'm still practicing the fine art of NOT boiling over these cereals while cooking stove-top) You could also use any of the other grain cereals or just grains (rice, quinoa, buckwheat...etc.)
*Scoop your serving size into a bowl and drown in a 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk. No sugar added in this baby and the almonds naturally give off some of their sweet-nass. Let's leave the cow's milk for the baby cows...I think the design was brilliant that way. Ever wonder why so many people are lactose intolerant? I'm sure the cows would be a lot intolerant to our milk too.
Dairy consumption can also be linked to ...allergies, eczema, asthma, arthritis, inflammation, zits and weird rashes!
Anyhoo...back on track here before I get into the really gross stuff and then the segue into jam will be really tough!
*Jam! home-made, organic...sweet JAM! Paying a little homage to my roots with some Partridge Berry jam. Super tart, super yummy. Dollop a little on top of the Pharaoh's sinking Kamut (yes! the grain dates that far back! And once you're recharged on this ancient grain you might be energized enough to build your own pyramid!) Don't say I didn't warn you...
Bon Appetite!

Books. Books. and more Books! It's no secret that I'm a geek still rocking my library card (hello? it's free education people!) Probably more important for me than feeding the body good nutrition is the fuel that I feed my mind.
The start of your day should empower you, inspire you and encourage you. I can't stress the importance of making sure you fuel BOTH your body and your mind as you start your day.

The above book 'cue' is currently what I've read, am reading or about to read. A nice blend of business, self development, spiritual awakening and pure enjoyment.
Crazy, Sexy Diet - FOOD and LIFE BIBLE. Buy a copy and own a copy. Kriss Carr illuminates how to live your crazy, sexy potential by becoming a warrior for your own health, blissful in your own skin with a by-product of awesomeness for the rest of the world.
The Thank you Economy - need I say more? We are uber connected and disconnected at the same time. Businesses have a great opportunity, more so than ever, to speak directly to their people. Life/business is all about 'relationships' and Gary V is a master at using social media to it's fullest to both jump-start or kick-start AND maintain super biz success.
Fierce Conversations - conversation IS the relationship. Enough said. There are always conversations AKA communications that you need to have with others and more importantly yourself to move ahead to the next level, get you out of a rut and remove the barriers from your life. What conversations are you having? OR...what conversations are you not...
The Purpose Driven Life - Wonderful changes begin to happen when you live your life on Purpose. Thanks Rick for the reminder of what's important. Get off auto-pilot folks! Who's life are you living anyways?
The Happiness Project - Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence. Yes! Are you feelin my theme here? :)
I'm still reading the other three and will write a review for each when I'm done!

What are you currently fueling your body and mind with? and does it clear an abundant life for health, happiness and success?

Let me know if you have any questions, I'd love to help! and did you find my ramblings beneficial? Let me know on my Facebook Fanpage!

here's to health, happy and success!
jodi renée

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