authenticity is magnetic...why I LOVE New York

1. true, genuine, or original; 2. worthy of belief

Nothing else can quite sum it up. "I love New York" as the phrase goes.
recap on a recent trip to NYC.
Is it any wonder WHY everyone loves New York?
In it's crazy chaos...
Everything, and REAL. Authentic. 
You can't walk a block without some little gem of a restaurant, cafe or clothing store. Anything and everyone goes. People EXPRESS themselves through their personal style and their storefronts. They don't hold back...and why would you want too? From the West coast of Victoria. To the East side of NYC, I'm drawn to these places. Authenticity is magnetic.
Sadly most places in between are conforming. Big time. Playing it safe.
And if you're a fan of Seth Godin's genius marketing, "Playing it risky."

If you want the success (or lack of) as the businesses around you, the mediocre lifestyle of your friends...if you desire to keep complaining instead of changing then:
Don't speak your mind.
Keep doing the same can expect the same results that way!
Go against how 'you feel' (your greatest tool of guidance)
Play it safe with your sense of style.
Cook the same boring things and eat at the same places...
Ask and care what everyone else around you thinks.
Hold back...
dial yourself down.
...I'm starting to wither just typing all of this.
Get my drift?
Enter The Juice Press. The marketing is off the hook. They firmly believe in what they do that all they really have is these stocked fridges below. Full of juicy, freshly pressed goodness. 
Think liquefied salads. Greens to go! I am in heaven. It's green. Still heaven though (perhaps my heaven is more fieldy greens, less clouds? Or cloud dreaming FROM the fieldy greens?)

Greenwich is spectacular brownstones and old buildings. Love the character and charm...
Enter Slice! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G organic pizzeria! The deliciousness in the photos is their Intermediate Goat Cheese personal pan pizza. Swapping a whole grain uber thin crust for...gluten free RICE crust. Heaps of arugula and obviously true to the name...goat cheese. It's not that these places are just serving up slices of amazing-ness. WHO they ARE is infused in the decor...the music...their beliefs in organic and healthy eating. Slice by slice...(yes I ate that whole thing).

Pure Food and Wine. I've been dying to go to this all raw food resto after having read both the raw cookbooks by Sarma. So amazing what LIVE food can taste like (hello? not to mention what it does for your body). The above raw zucchini lasagna was a tad rich and yet sooo worth it.
Make sure you order one of their yummy juices and the ice cream for desert! (sayonara dairy!) Dairy is for the cows...literally. So me thinks we should keep it that way.
Looking for a breaky place on Sunday morning and came across...Doughboy Bake and Shop! This is when I really get excited. From little miniature solider boys to old comic books AND tea, coffee, muffins and cupcakes. Would you think the two go together? Of course not. Brilliant branding and authenticity hello?! is REAL. The owner of the bake and shop clearly has a love for both and all of these things. Why not rock'em all? Cuz it works. And is actually more charming and alluring this way.
We are charming, alluring and AUTHENTIC when we express and fully show up as OURSELVES. All of the random passions, things that light us up...they have a purpose.

The more you just BE YOU. Whether you're a brand, business or just ...yourself.
The more people will gravitate to the awesomeness that comes from inside.
Especially if you're a business owner. Their should be no separation. A clear expression of 'who you are and what you believe' will attract the SAME KINDS of people. You don't want to work with anyone else. That's what other businesses are for. Then we're no longer competing...
We're just being.
It doesn't get any more real than that...

And next time I need more time...a pair of shoes...
Hot red-bottom Louboutin's :)
love! xo
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