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Who would have known this would have been such a powerful experience for me on SO many levels. I'm always blown away by the people and connections that I come across ...
Jen and Shuichi I am SO grateful for the two of you. I can honestly say that I've never seen or felt so much love for a baby before it's even born! It's incredible to see the interaction as it's SO extremely important! Mattias (pics of his arrival to follow!) ...will no doubt be brilliant just like his momma! ...and umm...crazy just like his dad! :)
And you must check out the fabulous Pink or Blue Couture in Calgary! Jen's passion for fashion and design lends itself to this fabulous boutique carrying amazing products, apparel, furniture and accessories...
Looking forward to *many* more photos with the three of you!

Check out Jen's Blog here for the 411 on modern baby lifestyle products!

And also check out Zaida Baby "my first keepsake" of my best friends has put together and published a keepsake book with the importance of prenatal bonding in mind.  The journey of pregnancy is SUCH a remarkable experience for both baby and mom and 'my first keepsake' makes it easy to record and document...everything.

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