Krista and Dave June 17, 2006

Finally...some more wedding photos! This was the wedding of my cousin Krista in Newfoundland in can't ask for better scenery! The mountains...everything was so green! And of course the ocean! The wedding was beautiful and of course my cousin looked beautiful :)

Kids Albums!

I'm so excited to announce the new kids albums! Check out the photos below, however they give these stunning brag books no have to see them to absolutely adore them!

Kylie and Brooke

Kylie and Brook stopped by for a visit with their mom yesterday so I was able to get a few snaps of these two summer babes!


Alot of people are asking about my wedding stuff and since my website is not done yet (a slower process than I'd like!)...I thought that I'd post some stuff here for the next couple of days! Here's a collection of photos that I put together of Jenn and Nick from their wedding in February...
A sample thank you card that I created below from Holly and Jonathan's wedding in Stratford in March...!!!

Tears and butterfly kisses...

In loving memory of Dianna...I am only reassured by the extended hands that have reached down from the heavens to embrace you. I believe that you are in a better be free, release your spirit and fly...

In the butterfly garden you are all so beautiful...I miss you all and think of you often. I know she is safe with you...
Love and prayers always...Jodi

*Dianna was Toronto's latest homicide in Toronto on July 5th, 2006. PLEASE let's STOP gun violence!'s already too late...

Some History....

A bit of history in this post with some photos that are sure to be cherised by family who sees these. I went to Newfoundland a couple of weekends ago to visit some family and photograph my cousins weddings (pics to be posted soon!). I had the pleasure of a roadtrip with my Aunt Cathie and her friend Sue to Trout River in which I was able to take many photographs. There is so much history here from my mom's side of the I am honoured that I'm able to catch and keep a record of this...enjoy.

Enter to Win! Life with Kids!!!

Happy One Year Life With Kids! Please check them out online: as they are a wonderful online forum filled with so much great information! If you're a parent in the local area it's a great place to find 'anything' and be in touch with other parents in your community! As part of their birthday celebration, they are offering a big present ~ services from a local spa...AND a kids sitting for photos with ME! Please check it out online and enter for your chance to win! Pass the news along and check the site often for news and events!

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