kim + nick

Great food, drinks, friends and unbelievable light...makes for a quick and easy 10 minute session on the patio! That really is all you need...
Thanks guys ...KIM! Une limon? lol...You're gorgeous...AND funny. ALMOST as funny as this Ontario chick I know :)

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meet mattias

What can I say that I didn't already say in the post below. This experience like the last was amazing. When I can mesh with the family, not stopping for anything, photographing 'life'. It's real, it's fun and...well...much easier than trying to stage anything! I'm lucky to witness such amazing parenting...the patience and absolute adoration for this lil man...he's SO loved...
Growing like a weed, updates will soon be necessary! Love the three of you for...well...*you*.

Pink or Blue Couture 
Calgary, AB

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