When kids grow kale, kids eat kale.
They grow tomatoes, they eat tomatoes.
When none of this is presented to them, if they're not shown how food affects the mind and body, they blindly eat whatever the hell you put in front of them. - Rob Finley

I've been rallying anyone with a patch of grass, as Ron Finely would say: To plant some shit.
I walk into the grocery store and feel like I'm the only one a little alarmed at the perfect lettuce, the rows of tomato soldiers, lined up, same shade, same size, same everything. I can't tell them apart.
Rifling through produce I'm eager to find something that is a little flawed, maybe even disfigured.
Remember tiny and tasty strawberries?
As if walking into the gym isn't enough, now we have jacked up, anabolic strawberries, ironically with hollow centers and completely void of any...taste?
So what's the point?
Profit profit profit.
Food is a business.
And just for minute, imagine THIS.
Every household grows their own garden, we're taking back the farm. Sending mass commercial 'farming' on the decline while FOOD, real food, is on the incline.
More importantly...so is our health.
We go back to getting our hands dirty in the soil, for ourselves and our family.
Even IF...it's just a few pots on the deck.
Swap a few flowers for some culinary herbs, shrubs for some kale.
The greatest thing you can do for yourself and your family?
Grow, nurture and feed yourselves

Take 11 minutes to watch the below TEDtalk with Ron Finley. Comment on my Facebook Fanpage and let me know what you think!

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super salad

Sometimes I beat myself up over where I am professionally, because my mind is too far in the future of where I want to be, dream of being.
And then I stop to remind myself that anything you want to master, anything you wish to truly be good at, is a never ending process...a practice.
It's chalk full of mistakes, and snafus.
A whole lot of angry rants, bursting frustrations, at times a bottle of white wine with tears streaming down your face, or the crazy mad laugh where you wish you could just lock eyes with someone, so for ONE instant someone would know you're reeaaalllly fuckin serious. And yes, quite crazy most of the time.
Predominately all of the time.
Un-crazy?...2% of the time.

Work has been a big clusterf$@k (I'm sooo getting there...) and for those of you who are questioning this cluster - trust me, it's an ongoing battle, AND I see more light at the end of the tunnel than I ever have before. Yay for hats with flashlights attached. I picture myself as a miner of sorts. Looking for that exact thing. And no, it's not perfection, it's just perfect for me.
Because I'm tired, tired, tired of so much the same. So much herding and status quo, so much 'standard' and 'the way it is'. So much of everyone JUST-LIKE-EVERYONE-ELSE.
Compromising what truly fills your heart.
I want to be different, in the way I know that I am.
This is not a journey for the light-hearted.

I say this all the time to people: You get what you pour into ANYTHING.
Be that your job, your health and fitness, any and all of your relationships.
Yet most of us want everything, for nothing.
Is anyone willing to put in the hard work?

I know, I KNOW I am on my way.
Pieces are falling together and what looks like ruin is the road to transformation.
As I stood today over the counter top, compiling all the ingredients for this Super Salad, it dawned on me, how easy this was for me. Foods in their simplicity, where they came from in the ground, where they're going in the body. An appreciation and respect for something we need, that we're given, often take for granted and the absolute power foods hold in all their simplicity.
It wasn't always this way...

I began, somewhere. A loooooong time ago.
The gym after school.
Making my own food.
And then non-stop workshops, books and trainings. I have immersed myself into everything mind/body/spirit. Fascinated with this ONE instrument that is possibly the best investment right under our noses.
The greatest gift we have ever been given...
Our body.

An ode to celebrate this wonderful and amazing gift shall we? Annnnd because my mom always wants more simple salad recipes (with awesome photos...ahem...) :)
Here's to one mother of a SIMPLE salad - a powerhouse of nutrients.

the salad

a few handfuls of arugala
a handful of spinach
5-6 stems of lacinato kale (they also call it dinosaur kale)
half of an avocado
1 large beet that I baked in the oven for about 30 minutes in olive oil, sea salt and pepper

however may tomatoes you'd like :)

the dressing

olive oil
apple cider vinegar
maple syrup
...just play around to taste. Less olive oil than vinegar and less maple syrup than well...everything :)

*you can add feta, walnuts and perhaps a fruit if you'd like, like pear would work well

You have no idea how good this is for you. No excuses.
jodi renée

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