just peachy.

I've been looking for new dinner recipes and to be honest, I was too tired to get into anything fancy. So I took some old dishes and spiced them up a bit. Chicken tenders flaked in coconut with yam fries and a chipotle seasoning. Sometimes the 'side' can be the star...Enter peach.
Not to mention there's enough leftover for blue corn chips and avocado the next day.
Pretty simple.
Totally tasty.

peach salsa
3 peaches...or nectarines chopped
1/2 red onion chopped
2-3 jalapeno peppers chopped leaving as many seeds for heat as you like it hot!
juice of one lemon
handful of chopped mint
1 tablespoon coconut palm sugar
salt and black pepper to taste

Place the chopped peaches or nectarines, onions and jalapeno's in food processor and pulse only a few times! Nice to keep the fruit a little more diced...I actually processed too long. Still tasted the same! ...and actually better the next day.
Squeeze in juice of lemon, adding rest of the ingredients. DO NOT liquify!

Tastes awesome with chicken or fish...as a side to anything!
peachy huh.

Let know what you think! ...
jodi renée

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kate and avery.


I don't think they can contain any of their Kate and Avery-ness.
Nor would we want them too.
The beat of their own drum calls. Answered by fits of giggles, strawberry filled mouths, arms to the sky...
Or just one foot...one toe flexed foot.

Being with kids reminds me how fun it is to be silly and carefree.
Not care who's watching.
As we get older we let ourselves get so dull and tarnished.
So routine. So serious.
About everything.

All grown-ups were children first (but few remember it).
- Antoine de Saint Exupéry, The Little Prince

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the value of anything.

Jennifer and David's wedding back in 2008 at the Rosedale Golf Course.

A few weeks back I was in Starbucks getting my daily usual.
I'm that client that businesses love. Repeat and regular.
You can piss me off a thousand times and it'd be hard pressed to piss me off enough, that I wouldn't come back. Why?
Love the brand. It's consistent. The atmosphere. They create an experience. And while the muffins are supposedly upgraded (I like the older ones better) I also DO love the coffee.
They don't hesitate or question when someone's screwed up. They remedy the situation.
The staff knows who I am and what I do. So we can carry on a conversation about me.
Which is genius because business is about 'us'...the people who keep us IN business.
So I was a little surprised the one morning when the barista asked me my rates for wedding photography. Her son was getting married and looking for a wedding photographer.
Shocked at my starting rates, she went off on how ludicrous it would be to spend so much on photos.
As I was waiting for my coffee.
She went on how they would probably just go with a friend...or an uncle.
God bless the friends and uncles...
Could they also brew me a coffee?
Or I could get it from Tim Horton's just around the corner.
Totally indulge in the finest experience while sitting at a cafe in Italy. (Yes Please)
Photos or coffee, you can get both anywhere.
So why do we pay more for one than the other?
Why don't I just get my uncle to brew me some daily java besides the fact that he would have to permanently stay here?
Probably because...
of all the reasons above.
Someone once mentioned that she would NEVER pay the outrageous prices that my clients pay for canvases.
It was something that she wanted to print at your local canvas drive-thru.
Another client asking why he couldn't just get the file and print on canvas somewhere cheaper...while I sat in his living room staring at the embedded, crushed Swarovski crystal's in his custom fireplace. (estimated at around $10,000 cough cough)
Fireplace, coffee or canvas.
It's not about the actual item.
It's the value you place on it.

There are lots of photographers that low ball rates and offer everything...for cheap.
How often I hear...
I can get this for less with so and so studio..
I wouldn't pay X amount for that...

That's too much for a piece of paper!
I can get more with X Y Z...
I say...
Knock yourself out.
I'm not in the business of prints, canvas...or even photography.
I'm not competing against price.
In fact, I'm not competing at all.
It's about people.
Quality superseding quantity.
This is about an experience. 
Clients valuing something far greater than 'what' the image is printed ON.
The image holds meaning for them.
And what price do you put on that?

The value of anything is the importance we place on it.
Therefore health, food, learning, and travel are tops my list. I want to see new places, enjoy great food and feel good.
I spend a lot of money on skin care, hotels and jeans.
I book my vacations at 5 star resorts.
It's not a price comparison thing for me.
I want quality and service. The best ingredients.
Something I'm going to remember, and that makes me feel good.
I want to support other businesses where they believe, and are passionate in the product they're selling or providing.
I want people to remember my name because I frequent there...
And if it's not in my budget now, I'll find a way to save for it.
Because I want it.
Or...I just don't really want it bad enough.

Photographers, entrepreneurs (or anyone!) keep focusing on the people who believe in what you do. People price shopping are...looking for the best price. And if price is more important, then price is more important...and quality is not.

**The above photographs are examples of the canvas work that I've done for a client after years of shoots including their wedding in 2008 and the birth of their first daughter. This process can take time as these pieces are art that become part of the home. It was important to Jenn to have both of these incredible, and unforgettable moments in her environment. This ain't no canvas drive-thru! 
And the results are stunning.

Where is quality most important in your life? What do you truly value?
Would love to hear from you! Please comment HERE on my Facebook Fanpage.

jodi renée

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cottage bliss | East Coast adventure part two

About an hour and half drive from Halifax and we were on the North shore of Nova Scotia.
Cottage bliss.
We did nothing and everything.
Playing dice.
(for the record, me winning dice)
Adventuring along the shore collecting rocks, investigating...imagining.
Lots O food...lots O wine.
These images pretty much sum up our whole vacation.
Maybe that's what moves me. In their simplicity, they hold so much...for me.
Everything that I love.

Walking along the shore, with a stick in hand.
The tide has pulled back.
What will we find?
We become seeker's of the stuff underneath, and curious for the life that reveals itself when we start to see more.
Something new, something different, something we barely see...might never see again.
Rocks become gems, semi-precious stones. Big pieces of wood and metal, wreckage.
Everything coming from somewhere.
A story to be told. 
What was...
Could be...
An infinite dance, 
the tide returns.

 jodi renée

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