Chester and Opollo

Obviously very behind on Blogging! This summer has been crazy (the good crazy!) which means that I'm shooting ALL the time! Weddings on weekends, lifestyle during the week...almost time for some R&R...definitely a holiday soon! Anyways, the wedding stuff and some new stuff will be posted soon, I promise! In the meantime, Chester and Opollo could hardly be left out. They're the 'kids' of Tania and Scott which I will be posting very soon...Seems like one loves the camera a little more than the other!


August Fashion "it" girl

Another fabulous woman...Lily Pritchard! Check out the August issue of LouLou magazine to see my photo of this vintage glamour girl!


Val and Jerry...

Tied the knot! Here's some pics from their wedding back in June! Bad Blogger I know! It's been crazy busy...hoping to post some more pics this weekend!


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