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Once we meet our children, even for moments, in a place of "I don't know," of relinquished authority, we return to the realms of mystery and magic, where real connection becomes alive again ~ Arjuna Ardagh

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Love, Faith and Style | Safina and Karim

"What do I wear for our photo shoot?" The number one question I hear all the time.
The answer seems natural to me...
However...I recruited the inspiration of my good friend Safina of "Faith Style" to offer some guidance around this. Her motto's of 'faith' and 'style' work their magic into the authenticity that IS truly easy if you...just be yourself. Let your radiant self shine :)
It really is that easy...AND important. Read below to find out more...

Where did Faith Style come from?
Style has been in my blood since a young age. Always playing with clothes
and accessories and dressing up my little brother for daily fashion shows.
My passion developed over the years into creating true beauty. Luckily,
beauty exists everywhere. Sometimes you just have to adjust your eye a bit
to truly see it but it's definitely there and it's powerful.

I worked in the fashion industry for a couple of years but it never really
appealed to me. It felt fake, fully of cattiness and the need to have people look
like someone else just didn't settle well with me. That is when Faith Style
was born, Spirituality + Style = True Beauty. Spirituality is the discovery
of one's true self. And so I started and continue to help guide women to the
real and authentic beauty that exists within. Because to be honest if you
have faith in yourself you'll always look fabulous!

What inspires you?
True beauty. The act of unconditional kindness, the shape of clouds, the
memory of an encounter many years before, the smiling face of a loved one,
the magic of dance, the colours of a painting, an elegantly worn outfit, the
smell of a flower, the experience of walking barefoot in sand, the rich
culture of a foreign country, words of wisdom from the great leaders of our
time Mother Theresa, Gandhi...

What does 'love' mean to you?
To me it means wholeness, heart and unconditional kindness. Love is ALWAYS

Finish this sentence:
My husband ...holds my heart.

What could you not live without?
My values: Faith, Love, Truth, Simplicity & Beauty. They are what make up my
core, give me strength and drive my existence.

What is your top 3 intentions for 2011?
*Live...truly live.
*Travel, emotionally inwards and physically outwards into the depths of
culturally rich places around the globe.

Why is style so important?
Style is everything. Not just fashion. It's important that your style
reflects who you are *authentically* because when your real your more happy.
To be honest we're all seeking happiness...

Safina Khimani
Style Coach | Faith Style
416.569.1223 |

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Wild Abandon ... fears filter through the past of my experiences and often they paralyze me...even though the darkest hours have led me to what seems like a throw back to some 70's disco. Spinning silver moons and a one-piece (god I really have got to get me one of those even if it's only to nostalgically dance like a maniac with wild abandon in the private of my own home. With leg warmers obviously. And I just said 'nostalgically' ...which would imply that I've done this before? Okay. Minus the silver spinning moons perhaps...swap the one piece for pj's with a make believe microphone in front of my Madonna poster at age 13?) Wow...maybe nostalgic is for my other life as a 70's disco queen...with too much acid?
Be wary of tangents. I've just compared the best of times to 70's disco. hmmm. that seems about right? Perhaps because we don't 'wildy abandon' anything anymore?
I know I don't.
I don't know if I've ever wildly abandoned ANYTHING...or how that even looks and feels.
I can assume that it's pretty eff'n liberating though. I mean, if you just abandon your friend at the mall or worse! a baby. Sounds like they're should be guilt attached.
Definitely if it's a baby.
However if you *WILDLY* abandon? there's passion behind that. Conviction. A big HELL YES!'re confident. you're sure of yourself...Maybe not even walking away ...dancing! Insert that disco moon, flowy, dreamy dress and some dry ice (just for dramatic effect!) and well...
Why are we not doing that more often??!

I realized that I had an entirely different 'theme' to this Blog post...a tangent however led me in THIS direction and well...I'm going to abandon my original! (as wildly and crazily as I can in writing here!) ....hmmm...suggestions?
To be honest, I completely forgot what I was originally going to write about.
Liberation! Lose the original and surrender to where you end up along the way...

And it's ok. To JUST abandon. Walk away. Say no.
It can be liberating all on it's on. Without the wild.
Wildly Abandon -- to me? Is a complete surrender. A 'letting go' ...
It's passionate living with an intention. Not caring. Giving up what you thought could be, should be or would be...for what IS now.
Perhaps living with a little more edge, succulence and creativity...
Loving louder, laughing harder...playing more.
Wild Abandon...
...maybe I'll end up with that one piece after all...

wildly loving with abandon...xo
jodi renée
(and thanks Simone for this beautiful inspiration...)

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a girl's best friend... Rene and the boys

I think the best things in life have endured, triumphed ...and overcome...everything.
If things stay the same, there's no opportunity for challenge or growth. There's no room for the depth that can create itself with multiple layers.
Lucky me to have a friend like you.
With a heart that overflows...
with love.
Sooo much laughter.
...and forgiveness.
Time etched it's way into a our life at one point, when I wasn't ready to see the loyalty that was the best friend I had in the world.
And thankfully the heart will draw you back to the things you love.
You can't live without.
The journey is full of mistakes, failures and f*ck ups. Often times, people only come into your life for a reason, to teach you something. Other times, they're the very foundation upon which you build yourself. And it's not about 'forgetting' ...honest, strong relationships lend themselves to...forgiveness.
True love embraces forgiveness.

It's the gift I can give for the beauty that I see! Rene...your friendship means the world to me.
I am SO grateful for you...
You and the boys make my world a better, happier place.
(even with those green jeans you wear!)
Vivrant thing :)
I Love you! xo
jodi renée

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winter ...from my Blackberry Torch

I was deciding what to do -- I had some time to kill. Could see the blue of the lake as I drove towards Lakeshore. So I kept driving...the water was calling...
There was no one at the park, by the lake. A little on the cold side however everywhere I turned I was in awe. Crystal wonderland of white and blue...sparkly sun and sexy shadows. I can't believe I didn't bring my eff'n camera!!!!
sooooo...I pull out the ol' Blackberry! can you believe I took these with my Blackberry Torch!?
I was honestly like a 4 year old watching all the ducks in the water. Everything seemed so perfect...quiet...magic. This IS 'winter'...exactly how we always picture it...
It's funny because I need these moments by myself to really soak in everything, and yet I want to share it with someone. This kind of beauty in it's stark, simple, nakedness ...
Feeds me.
As an artist, as's important to step out, and away...into nature.
Tapping into the beauty that's around, gives us the tools to draw back the beauty that's inside of. As long as I have *this* ...I create.

...and perhaps why 'where I am right now' not feeding my spirit.
Give me mountains...give me ocean...even a lake...
Decisions, decisions...

winter love,
jodi renée

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courtney, andrew and kingston | lifestyle family session

Love is my gift to the world ...

It's hilarious that I strive for the 'perfect' session with people and yet often pull the rug out from underneath my own feet. Andrew didn't get off till would be a race against the sun, losing the light at oh, around 5:45...
I was worried about Kingston and the crazy wind. Could quite possibly be the shoot of the century if my client's son blew away (okay, so I'm exaggerating and yet it was THAT windy)! ...going for soft wind through hair - think Tyra Banks...Sports Illustrated. Even a few Victoria Secret ads I'm sure.
Typhoon winds? Hair whipping, eyes tearing!
Let's do it.
{Insert chaos here}
You could argue that I put my clients in places that are not REAL to them...
Honestly am going to assume that this beautiful family doesn't often trek through the fields at sunset on a windy, cold day ...
What is real? ...putting people in new places. Creating extraordinary experiences. What happens? Real...unfolds.
The wind is real, the cold is real and the family seeking warmth, and each other ...REAL.
If it's right before your eyes...if you're experiencing it. Does it get any more real than that?
Nature is enough and people are enough. Feelings are extracted from the absolute truth that is right before me.
It doesn't get any more honest than that.

...not to mention the absolute surrender that my clients give me and our time together.
Magic doesn't need to be 'created' exists if you let yourself go.
People often thank me for the beauty that I 'create' ...and my response is always the same.
I can't photograph what's NOT there. It has to exist for me to *see* ...
I see the magic. I feel the love ...expressed through images ~ the creation is not really mine, it's yours...
mad love...xo
jodi renée

*Courtney, Andrew and are a blessing in my life. The love exuding from the three of you...takes my breath away. Life and love seems effortless (as it should be!) in your family.
Some of the most honest, and open hearts I know...

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winter inspiration

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished ~ Lao Tzu

I love the way light filters through nature ...and fences.
Always getting through. And I find, the more subtle, the more powerful. Magnetic.
I remember sitting inside when my eyes kept seeing this light dance off these white, puffy dream balls (you can insert the real name if you know however my green thumb knowledge is not as extensive as perhaps, say yours! And to be honest, I prefer puffy dream balls!)
What are these!? anyone...?
I am drawn to the way light makes simple things so extremely beautiful. I imagine I see this more than most (it's no secret that I'm a light addict!) ...and at the same time, I'm blown away that 'light' can go unnoticed?? ...
We don't have to look for it -- it finds us. Or at
And I'm thankful ...xo
jodi renée

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