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Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished ~ Lao Tzu

I love the way light filters through nature ...and fences.
Always getting through. And I find, the more subtle, the more powerful. Magnetic.
I remember sitting inside when my eyes kept seeing this light dance off these white, puffy dream balls (you can insert the real name if you know however my green thumb knowledge is not as extensive as perhaps, say yours! And to be honest, I prefer puffy dream balls!)
What are these!? anyone...?
I am drawn to the way light makes simple things so extremely beautiful. I imagine I see this more than most (it's no secret that I'm a light addict!) ...and at the same time, I'm blown away that 'light' can go unnoticed?? ...
We don't have to look for it -- it finds us. Or at
And I'm thankful ...xo
jodi renée

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