BJ and Janet | Grandview Resort Huntsville

Absolutely one of my *favourite* favourite photos! BJ and Janet were married in the summer (I know I'm soooo late posting this!) at the Grandview Resort in Huntsville. Beatuiful location - the golf course is stunning. And feeding off the excitement of the two of them made the day and whole experience so effortless. Janet - thank you! You are one easy gal to work with!
I had so much fun from the time I met you both, to the 'awkward' engagement shoot (joking! you guys were rockstars!)...I really need to post those pics too. Then at last the actual wedding were brilliant. I'm so thankful that my passion connects me to people like the two of you and I'm so grateful for having the opportunity to provide you with something that you'll hold onto forever...
BJ...CONGRATS! Good luck in the NHL! babies...yet! (but can't wait for pics when you ARE ready) Lots of time... :)

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I HEART pinksugar | Calgary AB

Here you go Andrea!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I'm so excited to share these pics and I know Andrea and Mark are soooooooo excited! I was so grateful that the two made the drive up from Edmonton! When I knew I was coming back to Calgary I called up my fabulous photographer friend...I met Andrea last year (this time actually!) in Vancouver. How daunting to shoot an INCREDIBLE photographer!??!? VERY! But she's sweet, fun and EXPECTING! love LOVE love what we created...thank you! I'll be back soon too so I can finish the series! Good luck! (ummm...longest photo post EVER!) xoxo
Check out Andrea's creative talent HERE!

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Canmore, AB

...soon soon I promise! Working on some incredible photos to post! In the meantime...more breathtaking scenery. The view from the top (almost the top) is amazing!!!

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