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Okay! so this is back from September! I'm hoping to catch up to all my 2007 posts before the end of the year...!!!


vancouver part II

Back from Vancouver (sadly!) I wanted to stay...I loved it there and my experience is one that I'll never forget! From the scenery, to the fresh air, running by the ocean headed towards the mountains...If you haven't been...GO! The lifestyle there is one that I could certainly fold into very nicely. Definitely want to go back...and SOON! Thought I'd share a few more pics...with a few more on the way!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Beautiful morning in many things to be thankful for...
Especially this wonderful experience here...

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So much to write and post...but I needed to take a holiday so off to Vancouver! Despite the weather (cold and wet!) I love it out's absolutely beautiful and fresh, so laid back...the people are super, so much to see and do! I tied in some business with an extended holiday and a workshop with Canada's BEST (photographers!) - can't wait to post more and share! Please be patient!

In the meantime...the view from the room...An average looking downtown Vancouver day!

When the weather is beautiful though...nothing like Vancouver...

*clients...I'll be back the week of October 15th so please be patient with emails! Please note that I am completely booked for the rest of October. Appointments and bookings are available from November on...

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