Leslie and Wayne 03.29.2008

Two of my favourites from Saturday...Not really much to say...the photos speak for themselves! Really...these are some of my favourite wedding photos to date. I LOVE when clients completely trust in me (and my sometimes obscure vision) and Leslie and Wayne totally trusted me (thank you!) You guys are great, I had so much fun! I'm sure the rest of the night was a blast...xo

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Working on some stuff that will hopefully make up for my serious lack of blogging!
I'm going to try and post my last (hopefully!) winter sessions...before I go back HERE!!! (see below photo of paradise - if you close your eyes...well, I guess you won't see the photo so keep them open, tune everything out and maybe just MAYBE you can picture yourself sitting right beside me on the beach. Pass the pina colada...!)
Another week in paradise...a somewhat working week but I'll take it!

Daisy and Dave...

Even though I'm not the biggest winter fan...I do LOVE shooting at this time of year! The snow acts like a giant reflector and colours become so brilliant! I was so excited that the day was perfect...blue skies, not too cold. Daisy, Dave and I headed to Lakeshore where we got some really cool, really fun shots! These guys were hams...loved it!

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