Kelly and Ryan...january 19th, 2008

This year I promise to post efficiently like this! (right after the session or event!)
Caught up to my weddings, this was the first wedding of 2008...Kelly and Ryan were married at the Oakville Conference Centre. (beautiful facility!) on the COLDEST day in January...(minus 35 maybe with the windchill??). Despite the cold the wedding party toughed it out - Kelly you're a champ! lol...You guys were so much fun...I had a blast! What more can I say about the both of you that I haven't already... enjoy the sneak peek - can't wait to show you the rest! xo

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happy birthday to me...

A year dedicated to self care, "me"...I think we often forget about taking care of ourselves, making "us" happy...we often seek this outside of ourselves. By NOT doing the things we love, or living out our passions and our dreams...we are doing a disservice not only to ourselves but to everyone else around us! Not so much a resolution gal, but here on my birthday and moving is what 2008 means to me... (I think Emerson sums it up best!)

Kelly and Ryan (engaged!)

Sometimes you just get lucky.
You meet people and the connection between the two is magic. Real GENIUNE, excited, happy, BEAUTIFUL people! Kelly and Ryan...this is you! I'm incredibly thankful that you picked 'me' to share in the moments in your lives that you'll remember forever. I'm extremely thankful that you trusted me as an artist and that you wear your hearts on your sleeves! I'm amazed at how effortless you make the dynamic of "you" the connection between you two is so alive! (it's easy to see why everyone around you loves you!)
It's people like you that make me fall in love with what I do all over again...
So here's to your much awaited Blog post Kelly! And to a magical future for the both of you (can't wait till you have kids!!!) xo.

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Jesse and Shantelle Muskoka 2007

My last 2007 wedding to post! I am so excited to share these photos - the wedding of Jesse and Shantelle was absolutely stunning! A Muskoka wedding set on the dock of their cottage on Lake Joe, I must admit I was a bit worried leading up to the day as the weather was not looking good at all, but everyone was in great spirits and the rain held off - the sun actually broke out later in the afternoon! The reception was held at the exclusive Port Carling Golf and Country Club - no detail spared! Everything was beautiful...Shantelle and Jesse, I wish you the best of luck! You are a beautiful couple (inside and out!) Truly such an amazing connection...thank you for sharing your magical day with me! xo

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a new year...butterfly wishes (a celebration)

We do not need to know "how" or "where," but there is one question that we should all ask whenever we start anything..."what am I doing this for?"
~ The Valkyries A warrior of light knows that he has much to be grateful for.
He was helped in his struggle by the angels;
celestial forces placed each thing in its place,
thus allowing him to give of his best.
That is why, at sunset, he kneels and gives thanks
for the Protective Cloak surrounding him.
His companions say:
"He's so lucky!"
But he knows that "luck" is knowing
how to look around him and
see where his friends are,
those who believe in death
and are therefore capable of living
as if this were their last day on Earth.
~The Zahir

Remembering you both
Celebrating your lives
Today, everyday and always

2007 Wedding Recap and Blogging updates! (see below!)

Thank you "THANK YOU!" to all my incredible brides and grooms of 2007! This year was extremely busy and successful because of you and I can't extend my appreciation enough! For those of you that never enjoyed a Blog post...apologies! Keeping up to the Blog and the demands is often difficult - but I promise - the New Year will absolutely offer more entries, posting immediately 'after' sessions! I've dedicated the month of January to making these changes happen and for this month you'll be seeing all the recaps of sessions that I didn't have a chance to post! Weddings AND lifestyle sessions from 2007...enjoy!
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