I even had the people at the Lab where I printed these commenting on how amazing these photos were! Jadon's mom actually contacted me from the Blog and was super excited about a photoshoot with Jadon! I think I may have met the NICEST family EVER! Michelle and Tony you are both wonderful...so warm and geniune! I really think I was able to capture this...not to mention some really CUTE photos of your adorable son! LOOK AT THIS FACE!!! Thanks again for having me in your home...hope to see you again soon!

Oscar Worthy Wedding!

I had the pleasure to photograph the 'getting ready' of my good friend Nicole's wedding at the end of the summer...what an event! Very untraditional...very Oscarworthy! She had on a stunning blue dress and the planning and details were so incredible...unlike any I've seen! The wedding was held at the exclusive Scarboro Golf & Country Club http://www.scarborogolf.com/ . And the planning was done by the great Cynthia Martyn http://www.cynthiamartyn.com/. If you EVER need any planning for any event or your upcoming wedding...check out her site!!! Also note: Nicole is the BEST make-up artist!!! EVER! I've referred her to many many friends and family, she's done ALL MY events...Ladies...your wedding day is worth it!!! http://www.peachgloss.com Please contact her for all your make-up needs!

Melissa and Andrew

Finally we were able to do the engagement shoot after so many rainchecks! I think everything happens for a reason though and obviously this was the perfect night for Melissa and Andrew's engagement shots! The wedding is on the 23rd of this month...I can't wait! Melissa is absolutely stunning, the both of them so photogenic! They look right out of a magazine, but with so much geniune love between the two...Andrew! Very lucky boy!
...I saved the best shots for my website...COMING SOON! Keep checking back for when I announce the launch :)

Ryan and Melanie Thompson

My brother tied the knot! July 21st was a beautiful day with lots of family coming from all parts of Canada! Melanie looked beautiful, my brother looked pretty sharp...the whole event was such a memorable success...I'm glad I was able to have such a key role...that I was able to document the day that they'll remember for ther rest of their lives.

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