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Still in Whistler! 
...it's so beautiful and peaceful here. Crazy how you find so much inspiration when you're tapped into the elements of nature. I love the mountains. I love Adriana! A beautiful free spirit, she teaches me so much and we're having so much much fun...x0xo

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Whistler Life | 2009

a new year...moving mountains

Change. The only thing we know for certain. And yet...so many of us live in fear of it. We want change, we crave change, we seek change ...we NEED change. We need it to expand, to grow, to experience new things, new people...opening us up...to life. Living.
Sometimes we are forced into making change by circumstances out of our control and sometimes the desire for change is there, waiting...
2008 was a year of many changes for me, 2009 will be a year of many more. 
Looking back I'm so grateful for the whole journey that was a whirlwind of emotions, craziness, success, experiences, loss, tears, laughter....

...and I couldn't have done it without you. Mountain Movers.

You know who you are. You are the friend that through it all wants the best in everyone to shine...wanting me to shine. Moving mountains to make sure this happens. You see a greatness in all things making life so absolutely beautiful. With these people in your life you know that everything will always turn out...exactly the way that it should...that everything is perfect 'right now'...leading us, if we just 'trust'. Let go...
Like a mountain...they are the support, strength and comfort...always there no matter where you are, unmoving. Perhaps that is why many of us are drawn to them...
I am so blessed to have so many of these people in my life. 
I am living a changed life because of you...

My biggest resolution for 2009?
More change, more moving mountains, (conquering mountains!) inspiring, giving, experiencing....LIVING. 

...more to come xo
Create an amazing year.


Amy...you're the inspiration behind this post.
*thank you*
Perhaps the most beautiful spirit I've seen/heard through song.
You're brilliant. Talented. My life is richer having met you...
Promise to come visit or see you play this year.
Hugs and marshmallow dreams!

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