Dan + Karen | Northern Ontario wedding

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Taking a limited amount of weddings per year, I just didn't know if I could make it fit......
Dan had emailed me to be their wedding photographer. I said no. And here's some fabulous local alternatives. Dan wouldn't take no for an answer.
Sending an email (well it was a short story actually...) full of ideas, inspiration, their love story...photos! A promise of barns and cascading light...
You had me at cascading light.
And persistence.
How can you turn down the people who's wedding dream comes together with *you* as their photographer??
And wow...did the cascading light ever come through.
.........and possibly the most amazing love story unfolding before my eyes.
In the most amazing setting. With the most amazing people, food, and beautiful scenery...
I have never been to a wedding where the guests dance BEFORE the food is served.
...and staring behind the lens at a couple who looks just as in love as I'm sure the first time they met. Dan loves Karen and Karen loves Dan...to the point it over flows and well...you can't NOT be somewhat overflowing yourself when you're around them.

Soooo...I'm grateful. Lucky. Blessed.
In the words of Dan Ford "When you see a good thing -- you gotta go after it!"
Amazing what can happen when you don't take 'no' for answer.
You often DO get what you want.
...sometimes surprising someone else in the process.
I love you both for the day that is ingrained in my memory
...and for wonderful, amazing *YOU* making your way into my heart.
all the best (make it magic!) xoxo
jodi renée

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