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Playing catch up amongst the 'busy' summer in Ontario...and wanted to share some of these stunning images of Victoria. Muskoka driving...Back and forth, back and forth...every time I get 'there' take my breath away. Trees and fresh air, golden light...
There's a sense of 'peace' that makes you want to stay there forever. All else falling away as gorgeous simplicity swallows you at every turn.
Victoria and family have been clients/friends of mine for years now.
She's working at making BIG dreams come true...
Funny how everything is possible inside the minds of children. At some point everything shifts...we become less imaginative, less silly, less...*alive*
And the boxes we create around ourselves stifle who we are and what we can become...what is possible.
Might be worth looking at what's 'keeping you inside' ...what box you've created and the limits you've imposed on yourself.
Dreams and possibility are not limited to children.
...expand and stretch yourself, outside of yourself.
Be too loud, too different, too much...
The things we love and are passionate about ...stay with us 'always'...
I used to rip out magazine ads and paste them all over my walls. Of people and emotions. Having fun, real LIFE...
I'm now creating these same images! ...and loving every minute of it...AND getting paid for it. There are things in your life that excite you, that you're passionate about...maybe even just drawn too. Move towards those things, explore and let go.
Or else what's the point?
Life is about 'living outside of the box' ...and possibility is created when we learn to try anything and everything with an open mind. We might not get it right.
And...we might just get it all.

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