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...my fears filter through the past of my experiences and often they paralyze me...even though the darkest hours have led me to what seems like a throw back to some 70's disco. Spinning silver moons and a one-piece (god I really have got to get me one of those even if it's only to nostalgically dance like a maniac with wild abandon in the private of my own home. With leg warmers obviously. And I just said 'nostalgically' ...which would imply that I've done this before? Okay. Minus the silver spinning moons perhaps...swap the one piece for pj's with a make believe microphone in front of my Madonna poster at age 13?) Wow...maybe nostalgic is for my other life as a 70's disco queen...with too much acid?
Be wary of tangents. I've just compared the best of times to 70's disco. hmmm. that seems about right? Perhaps because we don't 'wildy abandon' anything anymore?
I know I don't.
I don't know if I've ever wildly abandoned ANYTHING...or how that even looks and feels.
I can assume that it's pretty eff'n liberating though. I mean, if you just abandon something...like your friend at the mall or worse! a baby. Sounds like they're should be guilt attached.
Definitely if it's a baby.
However if you *WILDLY* abandon? there's passion behind that. Conviction. A big HELL YES! ...you're confident. you're sure of yourself...Maybe not even walking away ...dancing! Insert that disco moon, flowy, dreamy dress and some dry ice (just for dramatic effect!) and well...
Why are we not doing that more often??!

I realized that I had an entirely different 'theme' to this Blog post...a tangent however led me in THIS direction and well...I'm going to abandon my original! (as wildly and crazily as I can in writing here!) ....hmmm...suggestions?
To be honest, I completely forgot what I was originally going to write about.
Liberation! Lose the original and surrender to where you end up along the way...

And it's ok. To JUST abandon. Walk away. Say no.
It can be liberating all on it's on. Without the wild.
Wildly Abandon -- to me? Is a complete surrender. A 'letting go' ...
It's passionate living with an intention. Not caring. Giving up what you thought could be, should be or would be...for what IS now.
Perhaps living with a little more edge, succulence and creativity...
Loving louder, laughing harder...playing more.
Wild Abandon...
...maybe I'll end up with that one piece after all...

wildly loving with abandon...xo
jodi renée
(and thanks Simone for this beautiful inspiration...)

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