a girl's best friend... Rene and the boys

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I think the best things in life have endured, triumphed ...and overcome...everything.
If things stay the same, there's no opportunity for challenge or growth. There's no room for the depth that can create itself with multiple layers.
Lucky me to have a friend like you.
With a heart that overflows...
with love.
Sooo much laughter.
...and forgiveness.
Time etched it's way into a our life at one point, when I wasn't ready to see the loyalty that was the best friend I had in the world.
And thankfully the heart will draw you back to the things you love.
You can't live without.
The journey is full of mistakes, failures and f*ck ups. Often times, people only come into your life for a reason, to teach you something. Other times, they're the very foundation upon which you build yourself. And it's not about 'forgetting' ...honest, strong relationships lend themselves to...forgiveness.
True love embraces forgiveness.

It's the gift I can give for the beauty that I see! Rene...your friendship means the world to me.
I am SO grateful for you...
You and the boys make my world a better, happier place.
(even with those green jeans you wear!)
Vivrant thing :)
I Love you! xo
jodi renée

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