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Love is my gift to the world ...

It's hilarious that I strive for the 'perfect' session with people and yet often pull the rug out from underneath my own feet. Andrew didn't get off till would be a race against the sun, losing the light at oh, around 5:45...
I was worried about Kingston and the crazy wind. Could quite possibly be the shoot of the century if my client's son blew away (okay, so I'm exaggerating and yet it was THAT windy)! ...going for soft wind through hair - think Tyra Banks...Sports Illustrated. Even a few Victoria Secret ads I'm sure.
Typhoon winds? Hair whipping, eyes tearing!
Let's do it.
{Insert chaos here}
You could argue that I put my clients in places that are not REAL to them...
Honestly am going to assume that this beautiful family doesn't often trek through the fields at sunset on a windy, cold day ...
What is real? ...putting people in new places. Creating extraordinary experiences. What happens? Real...unfolds.
The wind is real, the cold is real and the family seeking warmth, and each other ...REAL.
If it's right before your eyes...if you're experiencing it. Does it get any more real than that?
Nature is enough and people are enough. Feelings are extracted from the absolute truth that is right before me.
It doesn't get any more honest than that.

...not to mention the absolute surrender that my clients give me and our time together.
Magic doesn't need to be 'created' exists if you let yourself go.
People often thank me for the beauty that I 'create' ...and my response is always the same.
I can't photograph what's NOT there. It has to exist for me to *see* ...
I see the magic. I feel the love ...expressed through images ~ the creation is not really mine, it's yours...
mad love...xo
jodi renée

*Courtney, Andrew and are a blessing in my life. The love exuding from the three of you...takes my breath away. Life and love seems effortless (as it should be!) in your family.
Some of the most honest, and open hearts I know...

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