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"What do I wear for our photo shoot?" The number one question I hear all the time.
The answer seems natural to me...
However...I recruited the inspiration of my good friend Safina of "Faith Style" to offer some guidance around this. Her motto's of 'faith' and 'style' work their magic into the authenticity that IS truly easy if you...just be yourself. Let your radiant self shine :)
It really is that easy...AND important. Read below to find out more...

Where did Faith Style come from?
Style has been in my blood since a young age. Always playing with clothes
and accessories and dressing up my little brother for daily fashion shows.
My passion developed over the years into creating true beauty. Luckily,
beauty exists everywhere. Sometimes you just have to adjust your eye a bit
to truly see it but it's definitely there and it's powerful.

I worked in the fashion industry for a couple of years but it never really
appealed to me. It felt fake, fully of cattiness and the need to have people look
like someone else just didn't settle well with me. That is when Faith Style
was born, Spirituality + Style = True Beauty. Spirituality is the discovery
of one's true self. And so I started and continue to help guide women to the
real and authentic beauty that exists within. Because to be honest if you
have faith in yourself you'll always look fabulous!

What inspires you?
True beauty. The act of unconditional kindness, the shape of clouds, the
memory of an encounter many years before, the smiling face of a loved one,
the magic of dance, the colours of a painting, an elegantly worn outfit, the
smell of a flower, the experience of walking barefoot in sand, the rich
culture of a foreign country, words of wisdom from the great leaders of our
time Mother Theresa, Gandhi...

What does 'love' mean to you?
To me it means wholeness, heart and unconditional kindness. Love is ALWAYS

Finish this sentence:
My husband ...holds my heart.

What could you not live without?
My values: Faith, Love, Truth, Simplicity & Beauty. They are what make up my
core, give me strength and drive my existence.

What is your top 3 intentions for 2011?
*Live...truly live.
*Travel, emotionally inwards and physically outwards into the depths of
culturally rich places around the globe.

Why is style so important?
Style is everything. Not just fashion. It's important that your style
reflects who you are *authentically* because when your real your more happy.
To be honest we're all seeking happiness...

Safina Khimani
Style Coach | Faith Style
416.569.1223 |

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