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Yam + Beet Chips

There's no turning back. And really no excuse since this is the simplest and easiest recipe on the planet. Chips and fries beware! Move over potato!
These RAD ROOTS are chalk full of fibre, anti-oxidants and other unbelievable nutrients.
Serve'm up to the kiddies! The natural sugars release while baking making them taste...just like candy!

Pre-heat oven to 400
Prep a cookie sheet with tinfoil (unless non stick)
Peel and slice a bunch of yams and beets - thinly slice both
Toss the sliced yams and beets into a large ziploc bag with one tablespoon of coconut oil (*remember this awesome oil doesn't change even when heated to high temperatures! If you don't have any handy however you can use extra virgin olive oil - just remember to buy oils in the dark glass bottles)
Spread the oiled up yummies onto the cookie sheet and sprinkle with herb of choice (I like to use thyme, basil ...or if you're going for that desert like taste you can use cinnamon!)

Bake and watch...
When they look a little crispy on one side, flip'em over to bronze the back-sides. Usually takes no more than 30 minutes all together and depends on how you sliced them.
Once out of the oven, sprinkle a little sea-salt over ...and Enjoy!
jodi renée

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