earth couture :: simple. natural. high fashion.

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earth couture:
inspiration made of this earth. inspired by earth
all things natural. earth's finest fashion

Hair Styling & Wardrobe |Vince @ Teknik Salon & Spa
Location | Weddings In A Barn

Photos | jodi renée

Model: Amelie P.

Staying creative requires us to keep on top of trends, experimenting all the time, thus creating our 'own' trends. Being artistically successful is birthing a brand that speaks the expression of our own heart and therefore attracts clients of the same. The expression that we speak, in whatever form that might be, is then aligned to move forward into the world...authentically.
Authenticity is not a competitive brand.

It's real.
And pretty damn powerful.
All by it's creative self,
it endures.
Constantly reinventing itself.

It's important to me to align with other creatives, professionals and a community that shares the same beliefs that I do. Standing out just by being authentically themselves.
Relying on inside vision, fueled by passion, and a belief so strongly in what they do...more importantly WHY they do it.
With great ease, creativity then just flows from within.

I am a total lover of the 70's vintage, boho look especially with the organic and Au-natural upgrades. Recycled is the new black - so don't even bother asking where we got this 'one-wear-wunder'. This Couture had multi-use therefore minimal footprint make it a fan fav of our dear sweet 'Earth'.
Sometimes all you have to do is look in the box to find the next fashionable trend (that's a hint for all ye creative curi-osos!) AND in your own backyard.......or up a couple streets and down a few regional roads to your next fairytale 100 acres of farm paradise!
The model and location, paired with the hair and wardrobe = vision accomplished.
Simple, natural, yet high fashion.
jodi renée

What inspires you? and what creation manifests from this inspiration? Remember, we are all artists. Creating comes from a place within where imagination, emotion and passion all express themselves through you.
Form makes no difference.

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