easter weekend...

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My niece and nephew are a constant reminder of how easy it is to be happy, free and full of love!
(a lot easier obviously if you're wearing your yellow 'quack' pajamas!) ...and don't let that stop you!
I honestly think they are the happiest babes on the planet...
You can quietly hear Jack repeating everything. He laughs way too hard at anything and if you stare at him long enough, he'll smile.
Natalie is constantly moving her mouth, chewing and sucking on her lips. My favourite - the kiss face (I think she gets that from her aunt) :)
She's magnetic. Her spirit overflowing up and out through her eyes...and her unbelievable smile.

When they get what they need, they give what they have.
And they don't need much.
Love. It's that simple.
Love. Make it fierce.
Love. Give them all you've got.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend!
Here's to the beautiful simplicity that every day gives us...
jodi renée

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