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Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity ~ Seneca

I believe that whatever we SEE and create in our minds...we can create in real life.
How could the mind create something that wasn't possible?
You have to meet luck halfway.
Create opportunity.
The more places you go, the more people you connect with...
Asking for business, giving out cards especially when it feels uncomfortable...
People always ask how I end up shooting in such amazing places.
it's networking! it's reaching out...I ASK.
Wherever I go I must know someone that knows someone there! ...and if they don't, no biggie...if they DO...amazing. Good thing I asked :)

My dream has always been to photograph people and places all over the world.
I'm living my dream.
am I lucky?
And I also do a LOT of preparation.

Ever notice that when you really start thinking about someone they call? ...or you're looking at new cars, one stands out in your search and then that's all you see on the road?
It's not like there's more of those same cars on the road. They've always been there.
It's your awareness that's changed.
They're in your awareness, thus you're bringing into focus what's on the forefront of your desire.
This is pretty huge.
And critical.
In getting...

Insert one hell of a visualization addict (that's me) and you've got the first (and maybe the most powerful tool) to getting what you want.
Visual journals. Vision boards. La la la...I may have lost some of you know with those two words and if I have...GOOD LUCK to you. It's proven that so many athletes who go over the event in their mind...again and again, win. They get what they want. They create the feeling and thus generate an experience that they're familiar with. They know it. They've seen it, they've tasted it...they've experienced it.
Again and again the mind will default to a pattern of thinking that keeps you where you are, with what you have. Same people, same places...same things.
The reality that we are here is enough to believe that everything is possible. Moving past the limits of your beliefs is VERY challenging.
If we start with something so simple. And fun!
These visions, journals and boards are the foundation of something that inspires and moves me towards my dreams.
And for me...
They work.

I spent days on the above image that is now my screen saver on my huge desktop.
From places I want to things I want to have, feelings I desire...people I aspire to be like, love I want in my life, family, laughter...and yes. A million dollars. Actually if anyone can find a billion dollar image - please send it to me. Appreciated :)
I am simple.
AND I love beautiful things.
I love quality things.
I appreciate the small things.
And I love luxury.
Am I not allowed to have these things?
...we are here to enjoy all of the riches and possibilities of life. It's merely a belief system that is holding any of you back.

it's all there. And maybe there's more. Perhaps I haven't included enough.
The time invested in the searching and actually putting this together generated something within my mind...
Now I see it every day. I love it. It inspires me.
The seeds have been planted.

The rest of the work as mentioned above...
Be open! try new things, meet new people. Extend yourself...
Ask for what you want.
ask again!

My friends will attest to the CRAZY manifestations of my life that I firmly believe are due to the fact that I'm open ...
To life.
it's opportunities...
However it won't come to you... must
go to it.

Good luck! ...xo
jodi renée

I wrote the above journal in 2004 ...of what I wanted to create in my life "If I couldn't fail"...
Avid journal writing junkie...

Above pic is an example of my 'visual journal'...I just rip the crap out of magazines pulling out things that I'm drawn too, things I
It doesn't have to make sense, it just has to generate a feeling.
Then I glue it in a spiral sketch book - and voila! book O inspiration.
And the crazy thing about the "my life" ad for Varenna/Poliform?
....maybe you can tie together the manifestation with the Blog post not too long ago about Shaun Ford Design crrraaaazeeee.
I honestly just loved the design, the simplicity the ad...the tag line.
Now I work with a brilliant designer who USES those products, and designs those spaces.

anyone know a family or couple ...a place to stay in Ireland :)

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