babes of Broccoli... (less than 30 minute meals! Take that Rachael Ray!)

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Quick AND healthy a hurry! NO excuse!
Grab a bag of frozen veggies...(stay with me here)! Europe's Best has a new Tuscon inspired blend...
Heat up a skillet with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil...throw in some FRESH baby broccoli (see cute broc's above!) and once you've heated them a little ways through, then throw in your frozen veggie blend. Maybe 25 minutes for this DELICIOUSNESS ...super healthy, super easy! Take that Rachael Ray!
Don't forget the sea salt. NO table salt. Ever...
And why the babes of Broccoli? ...natural antioxidant that will detoxify germs and bacteria in your body. Helps lower blood pressure and has properties of anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, and anti-cancer (because of the Sulforaphane in case you want to throw around your health genius at the dinner table!)
Nature gives us everything we need! .......and when we're in a hurry, Europe's Best is pretty helpful. That's why they're the best?
bon appetite!
jodi renée

and yes I ate all of that :)

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