...impossible things before breakfast

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It's SO important to think outside our limitations. I LOVE this quote and love Alice in Wonderland for the absolute dreaming of possibility the story creates...
What wild and crazy dreams seem impossible? How much time do you spend CREATING what could be possible vs. surrendering to the way things are and the 'belief' that this is all there is?
My execution is a work in progress and with firm conviction, I BELIEVE that we can do anything, have everything...be whomever we want to become.
Life's too FULL. Too rich. Too abundant.
There are no limits. Only the one's you impose on yourself. The one's that you BELIEVE.
It might be worth exploring...are your beliefs holding you back or moving you toward the impossible?

...I'll have 4 slices of possibility, buttered with abundance and a side of YES!
Refills of impossible are unlimited!
breakfast is served.
jodi renée

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