Wallie's Winter Wonderland {and Conner Family Photos}

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I think we should face-plant more.
Dogs and snow.
They get right down into it, making it their absolute favourite thing. Having fun with it.
Letting go...not even conscious they're surrendering. Non-stop face-plants in the snow.
Just having fun ya know?
Imagine getting snow in our jackets while IN the snow!?
that's just crazy...insane! Almost like getting sand in your toes at the beach.....uh....
Rock it. It's there.
Put your snowsuit of LIFE on and face-plant! Dress for the occasion, BE right in it...and enjoy!
White POW of face-planting extravaganza ...if you let out the little party in you, perhaps the kid that was five OR the Wallie (that might be in everyone) ...you may be surprised.

Thanks Conners for a fun (wet and snow-filled) extravaganza yesterday!
love xo
jodi renée

PS. Tara can kick anyone's ass into FIT -- check out her link here (and she's an awesome RMT!)

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