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Strange how at home I the sky.
Maybe instead of fighting "Gypsy" I need to give her a big fat hug. The kind of hug you get when you someone you haven't seen in a really long time...and by hug osmosis you're almost giving each other pieces of you. Weaving love through embrace.
Cuz I know this girl. Gypsy.
And I run...I fight her. At times almost loathe her. Representing flighty, airy, non-committal, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants...unpredictable. Gypsy.
And yet, how could I not LOVE her. She takes me places, pushes me. Meeting the most incredible people and seeing so much of the world.

We try so hard to be 'this' or give the illusion that everything is 'perfect'...when in fact. We are perfect. With all of our fu$k-ups and complications, our misguided direction...making a mess out of life, out of love. We run from the only thing that truly matters, hiding from the double sided coin that is ALL OF US. It's okay to be everything. It makes you, YOU.
In fact...all of that messiness, leads to clarity. Even tragedy has a path...
While it may be difficult to SEE, holding onto love, and purpose will guide you. And you don't have to hold your head up, maybe just hold your heart up. Have trust. And FAITH.
The things that knock you down happen FOR YOU...not TO YOU.
The difference separates those that lead a FULL life from those that merely ride as passengers.

The past five days have been some of the most UNFORGETTABLE in my life.
I have seen fierce strength from so many women in the past few months...
The kind that knocks most down sending them into a time-warp of despair, and devastation. With a RIGHT to not get back up.
Heartache and pure tragedy.
It's a choice.
You get to to choose...
And only you decide
And one is so much easier than the other.
Co-pilot in the flight of their life is not an option for women with a PURPOSE.
Defeat and circumstance. No way.

I am inspired by the woman who show ALL of themselves to the world with NO apologies for anything. Why would you want to TRY and be something when you already are...everything?
Even when life knocks them down they bare NO apology for 'who they are and what they feel'...
Because it's real.
It's life.
And it's beautiful.
What if the so-called 'worst' parts of you are actually the best? What if the person you run from actually has much to offer?

Pilot of your own flight will take you anywhere you want to go. No matter what happens along the've always got control. It's just a choice.
YOU are all that you need to soar.
Give up any ideas about who you are or aren't and just LOVE what IS...ALL of you.
That's all you need.

It's going to be one hell of a ride and the best adventures usually are...aren't they...

with love from the sky xo
jodi renée

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